Jodie Foster can beat six year-old at Guitar Hero

VG247: Actress Jodie Foster is a terrible musician but is good enough at Guitar Hero to beat her six and nine year-old children.

"I have no musical ability," she said. "I tried in my life. I tried to learn the trumpet, that wasn't so good. The good thing about Guitar Hero is you can just go 'blue, green, green, green, blue, green, green.'"

Not much more to add to that, is there?

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fenderputty3577d ago

I'm trying to get a mental picture of Jodie Foster rocking out. It's not really working for me.

solar3577d ago

hehe. smashing her guitar into a lamp. no, cant do it either :P

JsonHenry3576d ago

I just pretended to be a six year old and used body paint to make the buttons on my nether region.

And let me tell you this - SHE ROCKED IT!! : )

VERY slow news day.

Silenced3577d ago did this make news?

malingenie3576d ago

This is news because . . . . ?

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