Exclusive:Sony Ericsson 'Paris' Unveiled - 'The storm is coming'

Se-nse writes:

"People! The storm is coming, and we've just beat Sony Ericsson at announcing it. We're of course talking about the mysterious, super high-end smart phone, often referred to as 'Paris'.

We've gotten our hands on the official product video of Paris, and even though we won't be able to show you the video at this point in time (wait two weeks!), we can show you a few screen shots from the video with the most crucial parts blurred out a bit."

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Massacre3912d ago

Need high-res images ..ASAP.

Fishy Fingers3912d ago

Not the nicest looking of mobiles. Reminds me of my old nokia n95. I'm interested to see what capabilities it has.

JOLLY13912d ago

It's using Windows mobile 6.1