Pocket-lint: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 – Wii review

Pocket-Lint writes: "Looking back to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 last year, it's understandable that they were so poorly received. Single player was disastrously packed with bugs, and online multiplayer was absolutely crippled with lag.

The announcement of a Wii iteration raised a few eyebrows. With standard football gaming controls engrained on our brains after 20 years of gaming, how on earth could the Wii's innovative method of control translate to a fast-paced football title?"

The good: Needs many hours of practice to get the most out of it, great fun, brilliant online

The bad: Can be really frustrating at first, defending a bit poor

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PS360WII3912d ago

sounding good and having a learning curve makes it you want to play it more.

Utalkin2me3912d ago

The should just take the wii tab off the top of the site. Nobody really cares.

PS360WII3912d ago

well if you don't care you can not look at it. There are Wii owners on this site that do care about game news.

3912d ago
ItisI3912d ago

Why not get rid of the PS3 tab as noone is buying the console anyway.