Loot Ninja Review: Dark Sector (Xbox 360)

Dark Sector has been a long time coming. What started out as a PS3 launch title is now available on both Sony's console and the Xbox 360. You assume the role of Hayden Tenno, an elite black-ops agent sent to Lasria, a remote Eastern European country. Hayden is there to take down a former colleague and now enemy named Mezner, who has unleashed a bio-terrorist attack on Lasria that turns infected people into overpowered monsters. Sounds interesting, but does the game provide enough to keep you excited? Here is a breakdown of some of the facets of Dark Sector for the Xbox 360.

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drunkpandas3217d ago

Yeah the glaive is one of the coolest weapons I've used in a long time

Lord Vader3217d ago

Love the gameplay & graphix.

taz80803217d ago

Graphi look damn good, just worried how many times can I kill someone with a glaive.

taz80803217d ago

I am a bit disappointed with the online modes though. Getting a bit tired of games just tacking on a mmultiplayer mode for the sake of having one.

PS360WII3217d ago

I haven't tried the multiplayer but I hear you on the devs tacking online just cuz part... it's not needed really.

drunkpandas3217d ago

Yeah the game could really have used a more solid story and better muliplayer. Would have scored a lot better because the gameplay is definitely there

fiercescuba3217d ago

the game could have used a little more polish in some areas, but overall pretty decent.

drunkpandas3216d ago

Yeah the glitches in the game are annoying. They mostly happen in the first half of the game. I love when you encounter an enemy floating in midair like he's on a cross and you can't shoot or push him. Makes you laugh, but also makes you wonder how things like this got past QA

fiercescuba3217d ago

oh and yeah, a little longer single player also.

drunkpandas3216d ago

Took me about 10-11 hours to get through the game, which isn't bad. I think it would have been lengthened a bit by better story.