Sony's Response to Lik-Sang

In a statement issued to, Sony has denied any responsibility for the closure of Lik-Sang - accusing the online retailer of "sour grapes".

The statement begins by observing that Sony Computer Entertainment has successfully sued Pacific Game Technology, which uses Lik-Sang as one of its trading names, for infringing intellectual property rights.

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Boink4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

If sony put half as much money into hiring smart execs instead of stupid lawsuits, they'd be a lot better off.

shotty4373d ago

They always pick on the little guys dont they.

Marty83704373d ago

Nice one Sony.What Lik-Sang was doin was illegal,why can't u guys except that.Sony is just protecting it's intellectual property rights.

DC RID3R4373d ago

"Sony is just protecting it's intellectual property rights"

ken kuturagi- intellectual? give me a break!


NitrogenB4373d ago

you used up your 1 bubble....too bad. Now we can actually hear comments that actually matter.

BIadestarX4373d ago

actually Sony just back-staved one of their distributors. It's not like they were selling fraud consoles or burned games. They were buying from Sony and selling customers. Ofcourse they will denied it. This does not make sony looks good. I'm sure people working at those store will not be buying a PS3.

THWIP4373d ago

That's the kind of professionalism and mature talk you'd expect from a multi-billion $$ international corp. exec, isn't it? :D

Sure Sony, just gloss over the fact that you forced a company who has helped you move millions of units of merchandise over the years, out of business.

zypher4373d ago

Lik-Sang was just skewering the market, especially since thousands of Asian consumers were probably waiting patiently to buy all those PSP's Lik-Sang took from them to export to Europe. its really no different than when 360 prospect-buyers cried foul when Microsoft skirted the US market during its launch in favor of Japan, who had showed nothing but apathy towards the 360.

THWIP4373d ago's nothing like that AT ALL. How the hell can you make that comparison? It's like apples and...TEDDY BEARS. Jesus, you really need to read your words before you post them.

zypher4373d ago

in essence it is the same; you're just looking at it subjectively. the only difference is that Microsoft is the proprietor of the 360. it was easy for them to sell it to who they want when they want, since there were no third-parties involved to skewer their intentions, and since 360 weren't region-free like PSP's are. this is a right Sony had with the PSP as well. the only difference is that Sony's right to fraction their markets the way they wanted to was underhanded by Lik-Sang, who felt that European purchasers deserved PSP's more than Asian consumers, and saw a quick way to turn an early profit. whats bugging me (and proving that everyone else is looking at this with a jaded eye) is that both Microsoft and Nintendo have both brought cases against Lik-Sang for similar reasons, but no one seems to want to remember that.

rmgst4373d ago

It's pretty apparent the "Asian" people could care less about the number of PSP's available as evidenced by sales figures comparing it to the NDS.

Anyway, I don't see how buying a game or a console from Lik-Sang and importing to my home country paying taxes and duties as it's held in customs any diffrent than buying a console/game whilst visiting Japan and bringing it back home with me.

Then again, I've never been to Japan and bought Sony products, they may have Sony Elite Guards stationed at the airports impounding all Sony products from visitors and tourists. Oh well, as long as they don't try to take my cookies.

zypher4373d ago

they do have Sony Elite Guards stationed in all major facilities. they're called London judges ;)

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