Ninja Gaiden 2 dated for June 6?

Via CVG: Tecmo's ultra-violent Xbox 360-exclusive Ninja Gaiden 2 releases in Europe on June 6.

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HighDefinition3912d ago

Their going to do it so close to the TITAN that is MGS4.

Lucreto3912d ago

At least the 360 fans have something to play with all the MGS4 news.

Or it could be censored in the UK after the recent events.

Lord Vader3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

WooHoo !

NG2 & MGS4 FTW !!!

I love it = I cant remember a summer with a better lineup of games. Usually we dont get *ick in the summer !

W00t W00t !!!

ichimaru3912d ago

lets hope so. also as some one said earlier, two gret games can