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Submitted by mrbojingles 880d ago | news

Get $20 PSN credit and 3 months of PS+ for only $28

Best Buy is holding a sale on Playstation Store cards, giving you $20 credit alongside three months of Playstation Plus for only $28. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

Insomnia_84  +   881d ago
Good deal!! Picking it up tonight. I'll purchase the Season Pass for The Last Of Us with the $20 credit.
shivvy24  +   880d ago
Its like having sex , then my girl goes makes me a sandwich ! Its a win !
Lord_Sloth  +   880d ago
If she can walk to the kitchen after sex then you don't DESERVE a sandwich!
Kingthrash360  +   880d ago
if your tthinking about a sandwich after sex and not sleeping then you need to do a round 2... then have her cook breakfast.
FamilyGuy  +   880d ago
So you're basically paying an extra $10 for $20 in store credit (seeing as the 3 month PS+ Sub is $17.99)

Sounds good to me.
LeoDDestroyer  +   880d ago
This is exactly what I was thinking of doing.
Iltapalanyymi  +   880d ago
wow great deal. shame i already have 3 months loaded to my psn account.
Dojan123  +   880d ago
You can stack it.
Iltapalanyymi  +   880d ago
ah thanks great.
HammadTheBeast  +   880d ago
Stack it or hold onto it until you see a game you like. Or PS4 if that's your thing.
XisThatKid  +   880d ago
Well this will secure me at 2 and a half years of plus now with 9 months that I got pretty much for free Yus!
Salooh  +   880d ago
I hate these deals. They don't give us the codes online so it's useless :(..

Play asia is the cheapest so far for me :
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Starbucks_Fan  +   880d ago
Are you too patient to wait a week or two :/
Salooh  +   880d ago
It's just that these sites don't support out side us so even if i'm willing to wait i can't buy them :( . We always get bad deals , and if there is a good one it end really fast..
MestreRothN4G  +   880d ago
Does it have digital delivery or only physical?
kreate  +   880d ago
I just ordered it and it seems physical. Unless I get a email later w the code on it.
MestreRothN4G  +   880d ago
Thanks. I envy you.
MestreRothN4G  +   880d ago
In case anyone has the same doubt, I've chatted with the costumer support.

There's no digital delivery.
kreate  +   880d ago
Ty for the clarification.
CalvinKlein  +   880d ago
eyah, best buy doesnt have any type of digital delivery for psn money. They used too but not any more for some reason.
ABizzel1  +   880d ago
Just go to Best Buy if you can. They usually match any of their online ads in store.

I just got a year of PS+ for $39 in store from the online ad last week (Coupon took it down to $15). I'll be getting this as well for the PSN Summer Sale and Last of Us Season Pass.
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CaptainYesterday  +   880d ago
Damn only in US! My PS + is about to run out too this would have been perfect :(
A_Gamer  +   880d ago
Just ordered it. Thank you person who posted this article.
BoNeSaW23  +   880d ago
I got mine!

Does anybody know how long the Plus cards are good for? Can I buy 4 of these promotions and redeem 1 every 3 months or would they expire before that?

That way I could get 1 years worth of plus for $32.
A_Gamer  +   880d ago
Good question, I'm not sure.
ABizzel1  +   880d ago
I think they last a year if I'm not mistaking. Just use it now to save you any potential loss, or check the back for details.
kreate  +   880d ago
Buy as many as u can. And just redeem it right away.

It doesn't expire.
anthonyj0609  +   880d ago
do best buy ship to europe ??
Kingthrash360  +   880d ago
thems crack prices!
o-Sunny-o  +   879d ago
I'm on it! Hoping I'm not too late!!

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