Motorstorm becomes first PS3 game to sell 3 million worldwide

Motorstorm has become the first PS3 game to shift 3 million units worldwide. Close behind are Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2.76 million), Resistance: Fall of Man (2.64 million) and Assassins Creed (2.41 million).

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masterg3883d ago

Looks like GT5P will beat this in no time, after US release that is.
But great news for MotorStorm. I still play it. Still my favorite next gen arcade racer.

Genesis53883d ago

Hey thought they said nobody buys games for the PS3.Hmmm! Guess they were wrong.

TwissT3883d ago

Yea nobody buys PS3 games... Those 3 million copies are owned by the same guy. Didn't you know? /end sarcasm

kevoncox3883d ago

Do they consider the ones that we bundled?

GiantEnemyCrab3883d ago

"Hey thought they said nobody buys games for the PS3.Hmmm! Guess they were wrong."

They don't and if they didn't give this game away for FREE in 80gig bundles we wouldn't be having this conversation.

INehalemEXI3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Lol, then why is cod4, Resistance etc. doing the same #'s ?

Thoas3882d ago

I played the demo of motorstorm, but i couldn't get into it. Graphics are good tho.

killer_trap3882d ago

"Lol, then why is cod4, Resistance etc. doing the same #'s ?"

you've just been owned.......big time.

RecSpec3882d ago

Wow, I'm surprised COD4 sales are that high.

1. It came out not too long ago

2. It's multiplatform.

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VigorousApathy3883d ago

GTA 4 will try to be trying to get those numbers in a week.

Iamback3883d ago

Now with 360 release also, not sure that it will sell that many in one week.

VigorousApathy3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Yeah not on the PS3 alone, but 2 million they might hit if everything went perfectly. The 360 could reach that though.

INehalemEXI3883d ago

I would not be surprised if world wide GTA IV had 5 million pre orders this very moment.

gameraxis3882d ago

considering motorstorm is an exclusive and has sold the most copies thats just incredible. its obvious that a multiplatform has a greater chance but when an exclusive has numbers like that???especially since the ps3's install base is just starting to catch up thats incredible

shine13963882d ago

Yeh and we're bound to have official figures...ut3/crisis etc is defo multiplatinum confirmed by official sources...yet not on vg charts...and Gt5 prolouge as well...

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chaosatom3333883d ago

i mean it's bundled, so I can see this happening.

GiantEnemyCrab3883d ago

Congratulations on giving this game away for free with a new POS3 and finally hitting 3 million. Maybe if you gave all the games away for free you could have a headline like this every major release.
This is just as bad as the Nintendo laggies talking about WiiPlay chart topping while never mentioning it is bundled with an extra controller.

toughNAME3883d ago

I really hope no one says anything about double standards on N4G becoming more and more prevalent

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