Burnout Paradise custom soundtracks announcement in the next few days

Maxconsole reader, Rockman_Joey, contacted Maxconsole to let them know that he recently emailed Criterion Games about getting custom soundtracks in Burnout Paradise for PS3. Criterion replied saying "We should be making an announcement in the next few days on about custom soundtracks."

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pandabear3911d ago

Call me an optimist but could it be that in game music will come with Firmware 2.30 on 15th April????

And Sony have also said there would be ' a big surprise' when the new ps store re launches on the 15th, could this be Home???

Just maybe, they did say that in game messaging & custom soundtracks would come with Home so it all ties in.

Oh well, until then fingers crossed - if not I've still got GTA coming this month to keep me happy.

rbanke3911d ago

I keep seeing people say that 'Sony said there will be a big suprise when the psn store is updated' Where are you guys hearing this? Got a link?

EZCheez3911d ago

I haven't seen anything from Sony that says a BIG announcement will come with the new store.

And I really wish people would stop saying "Could it be Home?" Seems like someone says that on this website every day.

Jeebs3911d ago

Sony hasn't given an exact date on when the 2.30 firmware update will be released.

athlon7703911d ago

was confirmed that home is coming with 2.40?

pandabear3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

To everyone who said when did they ever say there would be a special update when the new store launches: click the link and read the last paragraph!!! Official Sony Announcement

And they also confirmed that there would be a required update to 2.30 as the store is no longer web based and is application based now it requires a firmware update. I rest in peace.

Jeebs3910d ago

I'm just saying that they didn't give an exact date. Mid-April does not mean the 15th, but yes, the 15th is mid-April. You gave an exact date, and I was just giving you a friendly reminder. Cheers.

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360sucks3911d ago

o yesssssssssssss
this will make this game sick

InMyOpinion3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Hell yeah! You should have bought the 360 version. Custom soundtracks rock! And you can't be without rumble in a game like Burnout Paradise, can you? You didn't get that either? Have to buy a brand new controller just to get rumble you say? Wow! lol!

Can't wait to play GTA IV with a custom soundtrack + achievements + rumble. I mean why settle for the gimped version when you can get the best experience for a much lower price? Only an idiot would do that.

SeanScythe3911d ago

@1.1 this is what you sound like.
Can't wait to play the next GeOW with 5vs5! Hell who wants to play with 7 people on coop or 60 people online in Resistance 2? And MGS4 who needs that when you've got splinter cell with new Emo powers. And Final Fantasty come on if it was final it would have ended a long time ago, talk about false advertisment. Littlebigplanet, didn't anyone tell you pluto wasn't a planet?

Ok I'm done.

360sucks3911d ago

i have a rumble controller imported in january
i have a 360 its collecting dust
about 2 put in on criagslist
haven't play my 360 since warhawk came out on the ps3
that was on 08/28/07 the death of my 360

InMyOpinion3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

I think both MGS 4 and Splinter Cell will be great. Little Big Planet certainly looks good as well. I don't care about the max number of players when it comes to multi-player games. I'm more concerned about the gameplay quality.

I used to love Final Fantasy but at the moment I'm more interested in western rpg's. Yes, that means I don't give a damn about Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey etc. I like games like Mass Effect, Oblivion, Fable 2, Too Human. They move things forward while the japanese rpg's do nothing new.

Surprised? Unlike you I'm not blinded by brand names, I look at consoles/games with a rational eye and pick the ones that I think offer most value/fun. I agree that RROD sucks @ss but the fun I get from playing games on the 360 compared to playing on a PS3(my friend owns one) is certainly worth it. In the end I bought it to play games, and the 360 offers better features for everything game related(more games, more games of my taste, much more DLC and playable demos, better online service with more options, rumble and HD cables out of the box, better controller and soforth).

Most of you are not able to critisize anything Sony related. You are blinded by branding, not looking at what it is that is so great about it. As long as it's Sony it's better than everything else, right? And even if it isn't you keep telling yourself that it is until you believe so. In the end it is you who lose from doing it.

I mean, look at you now, happily spending a wad of cash to get rumble...a feature you should have gotten for free. Sony told us to...Sony told us to...

For me, GTA IV is what matters this year, and I'll be sure to grab the superior version of it.

LiquifiedArt3911d ago

GTA4 for PS3 will support Accomplishments and HOME. So im' 110% glad i'm a PS3 User. WOOOT!!

InMyOpinion3910d ago

In what way will it use Home? What the h£ll is an accomplishment and what does it do?

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Fishy Fingers3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

If the PS3 gets custom soundtracks I really will have to give props to Criterion. No one has forced them to do this, actually, its Sony that should be sorting this out, not the developers. Still, like i said, if it come's, props to them for taking the time and listening to people's requests, without us ALL game developers would be jobless, I find some of them forget that some times.

eddierivera3911d ago

Im burnout on the crappy songs that came with the game. Granted, Killswitch Engage's "My Curse" is the bomb. One of my fav bands, but its the only good song in the game. I wanna listen pantera, and slayer and Machine Head, Drowning Pool, not some techno bull crap.

shine13963911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

here's the thing...the list you just mentioned...not really mass audience...ea is guinning for mass've only got one a lot of people won't see what you know what? have a don't let me regret it...

eddierivera3911d ago

Slipknot started the trend, so at least try to keep the improper grammer cool by spelling it the right way. Oh yeah, and Jenzo,, your f*cking gay man. How many times do you xbots gotta start flaming every chance you get? Do you honestly think what you say influences anybody in any kinda way? Get a life, achievements are for little kids that dont have a life, rumble has been out on the ps3, and custom soundtracks are on the way. What are you gonna say after the ps3 gets all of that? Whats that? I cant hear you got your foot in your mouth.

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