Infinite Undiscovery Famitsu Scan

Gamersyde writes: "Infinite Undiscovery is the other big console project of Tri-Ace, and since it's been 6 months since we last heard anything about this game it's quite nice to see something new."

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ygxbrayzie3762d ago

OMG I'm speechless...this game is looking good
First day buy for me!!!One of my most anticipated game :D

LaChance3761d ago

looking great.Cant wait for this and Last remnant too.

wow4u3761d ago

LR is Square Enix' most important game of 2008.

3761d ago
SuperSaiyan43761d ago

Looking forward to this, hope it turns out to be a top RPG.

kewlkat0073761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

after Lost Odyssey, I need to wrap that game up really. [70+ hrs in]

Hopefully it's looks like action-based. After playing FF12 I'm still mixed..

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