Star Ocean 4 Famitsu Scans

Gamersyde via Famitsu this week has a quite a few pages about the upcoming projects from Tri-Ace, starting with Star Ocean 4.

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Charlie26883372d ago

Looks VERY similar to SO3 O.o

...which is a good thing :D

zainkis3372d ago

.... no info on which platform?? T_T

resistance1003372d ago

I would put money on it coming to PS3 for sure, however it could be muilt-plat and be on PS3 and 360, i can't picture it being on Wii

Cyrus3653371d ago

Agreed, probably for sure on PS3, and likely on 360.

sumfood4u3372d ago

Its always been in RMT tho! & it never had any summons but had a great rewards, spells & a wild Descent Story! its kinda like Finalfantasy Mixed with Rouge Galaxy! Rouge Galaxybe more closer since both RPG deals with space!

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