Edge Preview: Left 4 Dead

Zombies might be a familiar theme in gaming, but an asymmetric multiplayer FPS certainly isn't. The reality of Left 4 Dead colliding with people's expectations was clear enough at the Munich playtest we attended recently, as Germany's finest videogame journos shrieked in fear and delight. The survivor and infected teams were clashing on a previously unseen and remarkably intense new scenario: the Farmhouse. Rabid zombies came screaming out of the cornfields, and over-excited scribes punched the air as they managed to score an infected kill against the well-armed survivors.

The core of the game is easily understood: playing as part of a team of four armed survivors of the zombie apocalypse, you fight against AI-controlled waves of basic zombies and rather more potent boss types.

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Sjoeter3913d ago

This is a game i sure wanna play!

RedSoakedSponge3913d ago

but does anyone know of a UK release date? Or any release date at all really lol. I did hear a month or 2 ago it was planning for an april release. I hope so. This and GTA4 will keep me going for a long long time lol :D


TheIneffableBob3912d ago

Right now, the targeted release date is around September 2008 for the PC version.

RedSoakedSponge3912d ago

ah thanx man. Tho i was hoping for a bit sooner grrr lol. Ah well, GTA4 it is then lol.


Cyrus3653912d ago

Assuming the same for 360 or later?

myabsolution3913d ago

this is like playing a co-op dawn of the dead / 28 days later movie with your friends! exactly what weve wanted for years...

Cyrus3653912d ago

Can't wait to here and see more about this game.