Can Bethesda do Fallout given Oblivion's Flaws?

This article at Gameplayer examines the fate of the Fallout series in the hands of its new developer Bethesda. In particular, they tackle the many flaws of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and how they must be addressed if Fallout 3 is to succeed.

"Bethesda can't simply sit on their hands and hope that Fallout 3 is going to ride on Oblivion's back, because Oblivion had some pretty big failings that many gamers do not want to see repeated."

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Charlie26883908d ago

The sad answer is no, they can make an "interesting" game (that people will buy) with the name Fallout 3 but not a real sequel that lives up to the legendary IP, which I find truly sad but that is what we can expect from Bethesda this days: over simplification and depth cutting in the name of attracting a mainstream audience and the radical change made to the game mechanics in Fallout 3 clearly reflect Bethesdas intention of putting twitch play over any previous depth of gameplay...yet again

but apparently now a days more than ever the mighty dollar reigns over the depth and/or quality of the game and sacrificing the history of an IP in order to attract a mainstream audience is a must to be "successful"

Caliber3908d ago

Sadly, I totally agree. It's obvious Beth is catering to the Oblivion-fans and not the Fallout-fanbase.

Bolts3908d ago

Also agree. Beth's games are designed to be the middle of the road and open source allowing for user created mods to hone the game's flaws and play it safe mentality. Thats why if you're a fan of their games the PC version is a must.

Hopefully Beth will stop screwing console users and allow Fallout 3 mods to be "cooked" like UT3. Because as it stand many Xbox and PS3 fans are playing Oblivion sans mods and thats like playing CoD 4 and Halo 3 without access to multiplayer.

Snukadaman3908d ago

I was hoping for the old isometric look of fallout but pray that things work out well with the pseudo turn based third person thats planned for fallout 3..being a fan of the original I have high hopes.

Leathersoup3908d ago

As much as I'd like to give an opinion based on knowledge of the original Fallout series, I can't. I never played them.

However, Bethesda purchased the rights to make a sequel. They could have simply made their own post apocalyptic universe. I mean Bioshock did that and did very well. Bethesda has enough of a following with their Elder Scrolls series that they could pull it off and have a very successful game. Especially with the acceptance that new IP has been getting lately from gamers.

To me this says that Bethesda cared about the series enough to try to revive it. Something that can't be said for the original developers.

TrenchaunT3908d ago

I agree--the future of Fallout is looking bleak because Bethesda doesn't care about the IP as it's supposed to be, but is out to please the mainstream and all these youngin's who haven't played a better RPG. Anyone who hasn't played the original Fallout and Fallout 2 should go get them right now (instructions can be found online for how to install them on Windows XP).

Leathersoup, look into the history of the game before you accuse the original developers of something. The Fallout series died out because of money and organizational issues, something which at one time was rampant in the game industry. Go to Wikipedia and look up Black Isle and Interplay and you'll see what happened.

Bethesda cared enough about the series to try to make money off of it. Why make your own IP (which requires a creativity that has been lacking in Bthesda since Morrowind) when you can obtain one cheaply that already has a number of fans attached to it?

Sadly, I think the joyful post-apocalyptic days of shooting people in the groin and eyes, picking fights with anyone (including children), and choosing from a list of (often sarcastic and hilarious) comments in dialogue may be over.

Snukadaman3907d ago

If you never played the game, You would be in for a treat my friend. Well worth the effort in looking for it these days...then and only then when you do play the original you will understand why the original has such a following. As it stands it is my 2nd favorite game of all time.

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mavent3908d ago

It's f'd up how much the removed from morrowind to oblivion

the only thing in oblivion's favor is the shinier graphics

Charlie26883908d ago

its even worse when you see how much they removed or simplified from Daggerfall to Oblivion

Bolts3908d ago

While the scale in both games are smaller than Daggerfall, complexity and scripting are much more complex. Not to mention the fact that Oblivion is a lot less buggy than Daggerfall and Morrowind so it's not all bad.

Numark3908d ago

combat and magic use are a lot better in oblivion than morrowind...

Aleusia3908d ago

Companies do evolve over time, if this carries any of the flaws Oblivion did I for one would be shocked.

ChrisGTR13908d ago

i dunno what you all are talking about but oblivion was one of the best games ever. i played that game for a grand total of over 130 hours on my save game.sadly though, i must admit i cheated at the end. i was in a hurry to get the achevements to trade it in so i used the item dup glitch to dup the gems to transfer me back into human to pass the guilds.

Bolts3908d ago

Only 130 hours? If you love this game and value your free time then stay away from the PC version, the huge amount of user created content will consume your life.

Just take a sneak peak at one tiny sample of what Oblivion looks like for the PC with user created content...

bumnut3908d ago

i will wait until it is released before i comment, people make mistakes, some learn from them...

time will tell

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