Xbox LIVE Activity for week of 3/24

Brian Cummings from says:

"Results from the top games of the week have been released on Major Nelson and it's more of the same..."

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Breakfast3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Brain Challenge is the worst. I downloaded the demo and tried it out. And apparently i only use 0% of my brain power...who would've thought.

The stupid game didnt have to tell it like it is.

boogeyman9993884d ago

Yeah, Brain Challenge was bad. Good to see GH3 booted off the bottom 3. And how big is the gap between COD4 and Halo 3 that a Halo map pack still couldn't put it at top?

Breakfast3884d ago

Both map packs are coming out around the same time. Cod's and Halo's.

But, Halos map packs come with the 2 classics, Sidewinder and Lockout :)...and Cod coming out with one, Chinatown, which is a remake of one of the earlier cod games.

I doubt will see much of a change next month

boogeyman9993884d ago

Yeah, doubt much change as well. If they are both being released at the same time, and I think COD's maps are stronger anyways.

3884d ago