Talk Xbox - Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

Talk Xbox writes, "Scandinavian history isn't the most encountered setting for video games. We've seen every nook and cranny of Greek mythology, but the British Isles have yet to be explored. Viking: Battle for Asgard is here to make a difference by showing the way of Skarin, a battle-fueled Viking who must save the lands from the Underworld Queen, Hel. The principal of the land, Freya, is a helpful deity that guides you across the continents' landscape as you liberate the overrun islands from Hel's undead minions. It's a traditional, overused good versus bad setup that doesn't develop to high means, but the story isn't what makes this title enjoyable. Instead, it's the frantic, hard hitting, epic battles that showcase the game's true potential. Unfortunately, that potential misses out on bigger action due to a thin layer of gameplay mechanics, but it doesn't mean there isn't a healthy amount of fun to be had."

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Numark3884d ago

im surprised this game got rated that high. I was expecting a sub-6/10 game

Bust Nak3884d ago

There are prenty of high 8/10+ reviews too.