PC Zone: Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview - 'We're on an express elevator to hell'

PC Zone writes: "H. R. Giger's creatures are damn scary - they move blindingly fast, melt into shadows unseen, strike violently, and have no mercy. There's no dropping to the knees and pleading for your life if you encounter a xenomorph. And thanks to Gearbox, the bitch and her spawn are back...

Aliens: Colonial Marines is based on James Cameron's Aliens, presenting a frenetic, frightening universe where you and your squad are facing off against hordes of the creatures, in a game set just after the events of Alien3.

Alien: CM's placement in the canonical Alien timeline should spare us the terrible human/aliens hybrids and the Predalien that the film franchise has inflicted on us more recently. Just to underline: we're in pure Cameron war movie territory."

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rogimusprime3911d ago

Not to be a nerd, but cameron's movie was the best. Forgetting alien resurrection is always a good move. What do they have against the predalien? It's not the preds' fault it was in a terrible movie, was it?