Brand new GTA IV screenshot

Rockstar Games just sent out a new screenshot of Grand Theft Auto IV to fansites. It shows Niko hiding away as a barrage of police officers and squad cars scramble below.

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P4KY B3585d ago

That'll be good for ram-raiding.

Hydrollex3585d ago

- Graphics look ugly, I don't know why GTA IV screenshots don't look good but the videos look good. at least they are honest and they don't touch up

- Hummer police ? Waste of money for Police Departments. Ford Explorer could make more sense

zonetrooper53585d ago

Its a game lol, and GTA always had that weird edge to it, random funny and stupid stuff which didn't always make sense. Still next week 15th April Tuesday the new Halo 3 map pack comes out, and 28 days as of typing this, GTA IV will arrive on my doorstep.

Ghoul3584d ago

1 rocket + euphoria engine = purefun

assjacket3584d ago

Now you're talking my language!

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