You Got Assasin's Creed In My MGS4!

When worlds collide, they go BOOM! What do you get when you insert Assassin's Creed's Altair into Metal Gear Solid 4? Well you get this video clip, which shows the smoking assassin watching patiently while countless soldiers get slaughtered before leaping into action and finally revealing what he's been hiding beneath that robe...Solid Snake! Feel free to insert your own "Is that a Solid Snake under your robe?" jokes in the comments section, while Kotaku try to figure out where the hell this clips came from.

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Rick Astley3914d ago

LOL I don't care what anybody says that was amazing.

HeartlesskizZ3914d ago

WOW WOW WOW this version of Altair looks better then the Original Game lol take note for AC2 PLZ!!!

sonarus3914d ago

wow very well done. Kojima did say he was very impressed with assasins creed. What if altair became a playable character. A long shot but i personally wouldn't mind.

Cwalat3914d ago

holyshietmotherfu*ker unholycow


that is absolutly perfect...

I think Kojima has a slight crush on her :P

but the gameplay is perfect!!!!!!!

robot crashing through the wall, running towards enemies like a bull and fu*k them up, Snake dodging, ammount of enemies on screen and heat of battle is crazy...

sonarus3914d ago

WTF. Not everyone has a crush on jade raymond.

HighDefinition3914d ago

I really hope this shows people what this console can do, and where we are headed.

That is one of the first videos that has actually left me speechless.
To me, this is more impressive than Crysis with the ammount of pure chaos going

Pain3914d ago

Kick A$$ Snake! Doing it with Big Cigar!

HighDefinition3914d ago

Hit the link to get it hotter.

this is a 1200

Feihc Retsam3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Just from all of the bashing that was going on post-release of Assassin's Creed...
Funny to read everyone going gaga over an Assassin's Creed mod applied to MGS4...
The game looks solid though. I'm excited for it, obviously.

Regarding the video- Let's not forget that today is April Fool's day

barom3913d ago

man after watching that I really hope altair is an unlockable costume in MGS4.

meepmoopmeep3913d ago

an Altair outfit as an unlockable would rock...

BETTER YET!!! if they had a Hideo Kojima character unlockable!

Timesplitter143913d ago

NICE!!! It looks like they used the real MGS4! It's almost like new game footage

Alcohog3913d ago

So by your logic everyone that poo-pooed Assassin's Creed are the same people that are here enjoying this video?

CaptainHowdy3913d ago

Can't believe they went through all that trouble just for a joke. Wondering through why the GEKKO Metal Gears sound like hissing locusts when they're approaching, and lowing cows when they're screaching. Love the seemless transitions from gameplay to cinematics. Can't wait for MGS4...EPIC!

Timesplitter143913d ago


The moo-moos are because these metal gears are war animals created in labs. They are living organisms designed for combat (and robotically enhanced)

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jwatt3914d ago

Yea I loved the new footage, Gameplay looks good with the whole war thing going on and robots crashing all over the place. Now I definetely can't wait for this game.

kingOVsticks3913d ago

I don't even think the word "Awesome" is awesome enough for MGS4 0.o!

UnblessedSoul3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

WTF that was unexpected Kojima is obviously God

decapitator3914d ago


thor3914d ago


Yes it was excellent.

pwnsause3914d ago

??? WoW, assasins creed would of been awesome if it was in the MGS4 universe!

iAmPS33913d ago

A true NEXT GEN game, is nothing short of breath taking!!!!!!!