Microsoft - 'BIG' Exclusive Announcements, RRoD, Console Life Span Update and GTAIV Update on EGM Live 03/31/08

Greg Ford, Dan Hsu and Crispin Boyer talk about GTA4, including Crispin's rare visit to Rockstar's Edinburgh studios. Then Garnett Lee asks Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg about the state of the Xbox 360 and the Live service. And we begin the month of April with a new segment...

The interview with Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg is in the later part of the iterview after GTAIV update from EGM/1UP editors.

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decapitator3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

Great interview. Am happy to hear that Rockstar will be rewarding the first ten gamers with something 'BIG'. I wonder what that will be. Am hyped.

EDIT: I wonder what Microsoft has planned. The dude was deinitely hitting at something "BIG".

sonarus3316d ago

Big? Hmmm maybe its Pacman 2 lol.

Just playing be merciful i couldn't help myself

wageslave3316d ago


PacMan Championship Edition is a _TERRIFIC_ game. I your going to throw stones, I suggest you dont do it from your PSN's glass house.

sonarus3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

lol ok wageslave i hear you. That is at least one person that wouldn't mind if the announcement is pacman 2 lol.

Seriously you guys need to lighten up. Its so easy to get under your skin sometimes it really is hard not to try to make some "wise cracks"

Timesplitter143316d ago

Don't you guys think those ''BIG exclusive'' announcements are getting old? I'm sick of them. They always turn out to be something lame.

yanikins1113316d ago

Yeah the last super big exclusive was goldeneye wasnt it? And we all know how that turned out

Montrealien3316d ago

Rare has stated in the past that if they can't do a Goldeneye port, they will do "something" with the engine for Live. I'm betting on that.

godofthunder103315d ago

i'm tired of hearing the big news from sony and microsoft because it's not big news at all.for one thing they don't hardly have any good exclusive from both sides.i'll admit that sometimes that both sides will come out with an exclusive but it's just part 2 or 3 of an old's about time that they both come out with something that's original and not just part 2 or 3 of an old game.
i know that fans from both sides are excited about gta but it's nothing new,it's the same old game it just have better graphics and it's a little longer and that's a fact and i'n not excited about it at all.i'm 37 years old and i've been playing games since i was a kid,not as much but i still play and it's the same thing over and over.look at madden and all the other sports games,gta,and all other games with part 2 and more,they all about the same damn thing with the same old style of playing the game.they might have something that's difference but not that much,all you have to do is look at madden.

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Massacre3316d ago

Great interview. Man, this year's E3 will be so awesome. Big things planned from all three camps I see.

decapitator3316d ago

Agreed. When is E3 again ?

TriggerHappy3316d ago

Los Angeles Convention Center:July 15 - 17, 2008

Harry1903316d ago

and how do we get tickets?

killer_trap3316d ago

you hide under a cardboard box, wait for a ticket holder to come sneak behind him and hit him with your tranquilizer gun. that is your mission snake.

ohh, don't forget my ticket or i'll tell everyone the real relationship between you and Otacon.

Harry1903316d ago

i will use killer traps to
acquire those cherished piece of paper.
my frequency is me asap.

Shaka2K63316d ago

LMAO that made me lol so hard.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3316d ago

I would just run and gun the booth Quake style with a rocket launcher.

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pwnmaster30003316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

i hope this "BIG EXCLUSIVE" announcement is really BIG cus micro says lots of those but they are really a let down. like the super mega exclusive which was that james bond game, or the pacman. wait is this the aprilfools joke come on people lets just argue over this or argue over something. ohh wait but school im a senior. be back to argue

sonarus3316d ago

lol haha yea i remember the pacman. fvkin hillarious

Sir Ken Kutaragi 23316d ago

......Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zz
Sorry fell asleep!!! ;-D

Hentai3316d ago

I also felled asleep Emperior Kutaragi.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 23316d ago

Watching Paint Dry is more interesting than Micro$oft talk Hentai ;-D

xboxftw3316d ago

I remember sleeping thru ur presentation ken. What did u launch btw? Blu-ray player or something right?

Hentai3316d ago

Emperior Kutaragi launched the true game console

Montrealien3316d ago

Even Ken would be the first to say that it was not a gaming console, but a computer entertainment enjoyment station for the true media experience .

GiantEnemyCrab3316d ago

While I was sleeping I was having sex with your mom.

PopEmUp3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

this turn out not to be a joke in fact I can say that I have sex with your sister couple of times and posted on the net see is that funny

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zonetrooper53316d ago

E3 is just before my B-Day, theres also Sony Gamers Day in May then you got TGS, XO8 etc in the following months after E3.

Hentai3316d ago

Red ring of death gonna get a little sister? Could that be microsoft big exclusive? :D

shine13963316d ago

that's actually funny....

Hentai3316d ago

You think thats funny, read my comment from yesterday. :D