Microsoft's April Fools gags...

Those canny devils at Microsoft like a good laugh!

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TrevorPhillips3427d ago

god damn u microsoft tryna fool us

TrevorPhillips3427d ago

microsoft wont fool us next time

longduckdong3427d ago

and expected to read how they fixed the RROD

wow4u3427d ago

They fixed the heat-issues in mid-2007.

Why havent you been paying attention? Here's a good look at the fixes:

Pay attention son, you're FUD is getting old and stinky.

3427d ago
wow4u3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )


No. The "elite" didnt fix the issue, the motherboard redesign did. Pay attention.

You're talking out your anus.

MicroDeath SoftStar3426d ago

Stop shooting crap n4user1 i got a arcade with 3 red lights sitting next to my mac that says your comment is BS

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nix3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

i always thought that they've been making fool of consumers with their RROD all this time. q:

wow4u3427d ago

Actually, Microsoft fixed the heat issues in mid-2007, and gave everyone an extended, free fix.

Being an owner of 3 failed PS2s, and 2 perfectly good, never failed Xbox 360s (one upstairs, one down); Microsoft made Sony look like a fool by showing them how to properly treat their customers.

NO_PUDding3427d ago


I assume that a 16% failure rate (absolute minimum and my friends don't reflects that statistic accurately) is how you want to be treated?

I am not even going to argue failure rates of other consoles, but to think that is good customer satisfaction is perverse. And it's part of the reason I don't undertsnad what rabid followers it has.

GiantEnemyCrab3427d ago

I know this might be really hard for you to reach your biased mind around but just perhaps there are users out there that have fully working systems with no problems? I mean the 360 does sell a lot of games and if everyone had broken systems do you think the games would continue to sell like they do? Its like you think that if you own a 360 you should automatically be mad about it. I am another happy 360 owner with no problems and same with the 80 people on my friends list who are happy.

wow4u3427d ago

"I assume that a 16% failure rate (absolute minimum and my friends don't reflects that statistic accurately) is how you want to be treated?

No. Acutally, you cant even repeat your FUD correctly.

That "16%" rate came from SquareTrade. There fcuking press release said "just over half" were general hardware failure. The rest of the 16% were _contacts_.

So, if you phoned them for _any reason_ you were included in that 16% number.

Get your shiat straight.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3427d ago

April fools, haha it's just movies. XD