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GTA 4 to feature masturbation

Extended details found in the recently published GTA 4 BBFC classification have revealed new details about the sexual content of Rockstar's anticipated title. This includes sexual references, prostitution, lap dancing and portrayed masturbation. (Grand Theft Auto IV, PS3, Xbox 360)

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j4gs14  +   2497d ago
dat has to be sum of the funnist news for today!
Cwalat  +   2497d ago
omg i got a good laugh from that one :P

hahahaha (oh no here it goes again)
JsonHenry  +   2497d ago
How is that a "feature"? I can do that by myself WITHOUT GTA...: )
Nevers  +   2497d ago
maybe some of the challenged
need lessons... Funny stuff. Hope it's not the DLC Microsoft paid for :P
CaptainHowdy  +   2497d ago
Beatin' your meat comes naturally after beatin' pedestrians. Can't wait 2 see the sixaxis controls for that...huge fun to be had.
Genesis5  +   2497d ago
Great!! Sign me up.
yesah  +   2496d ago
P4KY B  +   2497d ago
Maybe you just get to abuse a member of the clergy?
Nevers  +   2496d ago
oh man
... LMAO...
P4KY B  +   2496d ago
Thanks Nevers
At least one person got the joke!
OpiZA  +   2497d ago
Now that's getting your money's worth.
vloeistof  +   2497d ago
april fool lol.
jtorry  +   2497d ago
it's not an April Fool.
BLUR111  +   2497d ago
violent, obscene video games forever! anyway if this is true than it's probly just a scene of someone in the bathroom while nico walks to the door or something ... sqwert
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funolopy  +   2497d ago
Get over it people- why is masturbation a issue in games- don't people do it in real life?

congrats rockstar- now all the people who are ashamed of masturbating will be making the most noise.
funolopy  +   2497d ago
now imagine Fox News and Cooper Lawrence making a issue over "FULL FRONTAL MASTERBATION"- lol....
TheHater  +   2497d ago
I don't think people like watching it.

But on your Fox NEWS think. I can see this being an issue. F**K you Fox NEWS, F**K you
BeaArthur  +   2497d ago
Unless it's a chick character that is doing it, I might leave the room for tha scene, haha.
dude_uk  +   2497d ago
i agree....

if its a dude....man i'd never watch that

EDIT:haters took my bubles =(
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TrevorPhillips  +   2497d ago
masturbation r u freakin kiddin me
tony  +   2497d ago
way!! i don't believe it.
j4gs14  +   2497d ago
wrong reply lol
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Gish  +   2497d ago
Sounds like a perfect use for the Wii controls.
BeaArthur  +   2497d ago
Gish...one of the best comments I have ever seen on this website.
funolopy  +   2497d ago
i also agree - best comment so far on N4G 08. Imagine the sounds coming out the wiimote speakers..
BeaArthur  +   2497d ago
funolopy...you could shake the nunchuck and then put the remote up to your ear.
OpiZA  +   2497d ago
wahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa classic!
gunnerforlife  +   2497d ago
bubble bro, dat was funny loooooool
TheHater  +   2497d ago
bubble for you dude.
This is was the Wii controller was made for.
j4gs14  +   2497d ago
was thinking the same thing gish!
IntelligentAj  +   2497d ago
Funniest comment i've seen on this site. Bubbles!!!
toughNAME  +   2497d ago
I wouldn't call it one of the funniest, but bubble worthy nonetheless
kidrobot  +   2497d ago
I Guess The Rumble On The Sixaxis came just in time XD
Jazzzz  +   2497d ago
this makes one think that even though this is probably the awesome'est attempt to just blatantly piss people off, maybe it'll be a gameplay mechanic. (Getting the jitters? need to calm down? go into the corner and fire of a few knuckle children to soothe the nerves...help you blind fire that rpg better..) el oh el.
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Sir Ken Kutaragi 2  +   2497d ago
Thinking about it makes me wanna... ;-P
BLUR111  +   2497d ago
what does this have to do with the ps3? ^^
brothersimon  +   2497d ago
Oh look, Mr. Kutaragi.. Another N4G member with downs :(
Phil Harrison Mklll  +   2497d ago
BLUR111 + brothersimon
You two NEED to get a sense of Humour BIG TIME!!!!!!!
Idi*tic xbot slaves
BLUR111  +   2497d ago
sense of Humour of a 10 year old doesnt make me laugh
Gazman  +   2497d ago
I would rather see the same feature as postal 2 where you can piss on every thing and every one, now that would be good for online play
King2008  +   2497d ago
Are a bunch of funny mofos...they should make it a mini-game like the sex scenes on God of War
Jazzzz  +   2497d ago
Contextually sensitive button mashing pr0n sequences.... King you are a brilliant, brilliant individual. Best. Idea. Ever.
Crazyglues  +   2497d ago
This sounds like pure Aprils fool if you ask me...
That just doesn't make any sense.
stuntman_mike  +   2497d ago
basically its wanking your life away!!
harv711  +   2497d ago
GTA 5 to have real relationships
Ya, it nags at you from the time you turn on your console until you turn it off, then after a long absence, erases itself from your game disk and half your gaming collection.
Qbanboi  +   2497d ago
Ok this just when from a "maybe" to a "must buy" for me ^^.
Meus Renaissance  +   2497d ago
I don't see the point. Are Rockstar taking advantage of the namesake of this game to try and push the limits of what would be tolerated? Just make a game, it's enough. Damn.

I dont need to see people doing that in a game, unlike some who would be turned on or laugh at that, I'm too mature to realise its just a stupid addition like the drunk driving mechanic.

What will be in the next GTA game? "How many whores can you sleep with me in 10 minutes?"
IntelligentAj  +   2497d ago
This is a little over the top but i'm guessing they're goal is for you to be able to do everything and I think they're shooting for the literal sense.
InMyOpinion  +   2497d ago
Skeet skeet!
Strife Lives  +   2497d ago
Lmao thats fukn crazy ! ! ! APRIL FOOLS DAY ! ! !
Hahahahaha. If ths is true, Austrailians, Germans.u shant play ths game lmao
brothersimon  +   2497d ago
wanking? orly??
Alcohog  +   2497d ago
Sixaxis maturbation controls confirmed.
Rob4Vendetta  +   2497d ago
hahaha crazy sh!t
S1nnerman  +   2497d ago
Portrayed masturbation?
Why portrayed? Is the prostitution real? lol And in any case, what is masturbation? I'm just an innocent, impressionable 30-something. Games are corrupting me :P
Mr PS3   2497d ago | Spam
bioshock  +   2497d ago
R* hmmmm they wont stop
pwnmaster3000  +   2497d ago
please tell me this is april fools. lets hope it is. (but damn were is that gonna be big probably ps3 news either good or bad news and then nxt day some one comes and say aprilfools. com one people hurry. i want to argue)
TrevorPhillips  +   2497d ago
unless your masturbating over the hookers and i know who those people are yes im talking to you
Shawtymann  +   2497d ago
anyone remember Maccer from GTA San Andreas. He had constantly masturbated from the point he was introduced in the game until it ended
zonetrooper5  +   2497d ago
To Meus Renaissance

So your fine with killing people, beating them up, stealing, destorying people's property, sleeping with hookers etc yet your somehow mad at masturbation. If you were trolling then you got me!
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