GTA 4 to feature masturbation

Extended details found in the recently published GTA 4 BBFC classification have revealed new details about the sexual content of Rockstar's anticipated title. This includes sexual references, prostitution, lap dancing and portrayed masturbation.

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j4gs143707d ago

dat has to be sum of the funnist news for today!

Cwalat3707d ago

omg i got a good laugh from that one :P

hahahaha (oh no here it goes again)

JsonHenry3707d ago

How is that a "feature"? I can do that by myself WITHOUT GTA...: )

Nevers3707d ago

need lessons... Funny stuff. Hope it's not the DLC Microsoft paid for :P

CaptainHowdy3707d ago

Beatin' your meat comes naturally after beatin' pedestrians. Can't wait 2 see the sixaxis controls for that...huge fun to be had.

yesah3707d ago


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OpiZA3707d ago

Now that's getting your money's worth.

BLUR1113707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

violent, obscene video games forever! anyway if this is true than it's probly just a scene of someone in the bathroom while nico walks to the door or something ... sqwert