Edge Preview: Mirror's Edge - Taking a tumble with DICE's extraordinary action game

Edge writes: "The firstperson perspective should mean something. That's the message you can take from Mirror's Edge, Digital Illusions 'character-based action game'. It's a mixing of the thrills of thirdperson violence from the eyes of your character: even when quick-punching or slide-kicking your way through a totalitarian regime, or double-jumping across a grim corporate skyline, that firstperson view never breaks. In Mirror's Edge, it appears that your context is everything.

So: the context. The game takes place in a city under authoritarian regime. The city is comfortable and peaceful. But non-conformists of any shape or political shade are routinely criminalized, deported or imprisoned. With all electronic communication routinely monitored, organization of resistance sits in the hands of couriers, runners like player character Faith."

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yanikins1113885d ago

If this can do everything it promises to its going to massive. We can hope cant we?

ar3885d ago

My pulse races away just reading that article. This sounds so exciting.