Mozilla: Major Update to Personas for Firefox

Mozilla writes:

"Personas for Firefox is a prototype extension that adds lightweight dynamic theming to the browser.

This version builds upon the previous release and allows developers and designers to submit Personas that are based on Web content, including support for anything that can load in a browser window, including HTML, CSS, PNG, JPG, Javascript, SVG and Canvas."

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Lord Anubis3885d ago

This is very cool and i hope it ends up in Firefox 3. Being able to customize the browser is a nice touch.

verb3k3884d ago

This extension is still in early testing. I experienced many issues(most obvious is the black font on black BG which makes it unreadable)

freakyzeeky3885d ago

This isn't an April Fools joke... This is SOOO cool 8)

zainkis3885d ago

and that fox is sooooo cute!