Did Microsoft Mislead Us With Their Games With Gold Program?

Games with Gold is now live, but we haven't received either of our promised titles. With one of them announced today, is Games with Gold taking shape, or is this another half-promise from Microsoft?

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1991d ago

Halo 3 and assassins creed 2... rolls eyes

Grown Folks Talk1990d ago

In the announcement he said 2 of the titles offered in the coming months, not the 1st 2 titles. As usual, especially with Microsoft, people hear what they want.

TKChillin1990d ago

Who cares...who sits around writing this dribble. You must do it for your own amusement. I never got into AC so I don't have ACll. So me getting it free(and I don't care when) MIGHT get me into it. There are a lot of people, like my younger nephews, that have never played Halo 3. Oh, some people not happy about this last game. It was FREE people. Stop being Grade A Assclowns. Defence Grid is a well made and fun game that I would have probly overlooked. Of course the whole gold thing is really just to get people comfortable with digital downloads. Oh Gasp, their trying to trick us.....there's your next story. Can't wait to read it. *rolling eyes*

romancer1990d ago

The author asks will the "Games for Gold" program make you switch teams?

My answer is a resounding NO -- because, as someone interested in the best that all consoles have to offer, video gaming is never an Either/Or choice, but Both/And.

Right now, i have so many games on the go -- from The Last of Us to Gears of War: Judgement and Halo 4 (Multiplayer) -- that I barely have time to notice old freebies.
And with the current game specials this week on XBox, some AAA titles as low as $4.99, i have even more to choose from -- if i need to restock my library.

I'm more interested in gaming than in quibbling about gaming.