Sony: New 4K players will be internet connected ... Will PS4 follow?

With Sony just confirming that its new 4K player will debut in weeks, Sony Pictures CTO Spencer Stephens has revealed his wish-list for future 4K content protection.

In addition to watermarking files with the identity of the user, the Sony CTO says that 4K players should have an Internet connection in order authenticate each video playback.

The only question that remains... will PS4 follow?

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KrisButtar1938d ago

Wouldn't you have to be connected and signed in on the PS4 to use Video Unlimited 4K anyways? I'm not sure how Video Unlimited services work.

6DEAD6END61938d ago

It's just like using Netflix.

KrisButtar1937d ago

Thanks, I wasn't sure because I was thinking it could've also worked like PS+, where you could download the movies(instead of games) and then not be connected and play it. Was another way I was looking at it. Calling a streaming service DRM though makes no sense

Arai1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I read the rumor yesterday on a Dutch site, at this point there's no clear indication that they will follow through with this plan.
They are/were "thinking" about it according to the article, so it could go either way at this point.

Also this isn't really about the PS brand (Sony has a lot of electronics divisions).

MariaHelFutura1937d ago

It's crazy how far people will go to try to drag down the ps4. Sony isn't Microsoft, just deal w/ it. Sony actually runs the Playstation division while respecting you.

Lvl_up_gamer1937d ago

"It's crazy how far people will go to try to drag down the ps4. Sony isn't Microsoft"

- Exactly...just come onto this site to see just how far people are willing to drag down MS.

As far as Sony actually running the PS division while respecting you....You know Sony is offering free features on the PS4 that will require you to buy an eyetoy 2.0 right?

Ya, Sony is really showing how much they respect you...

LMFAO Like Sony gives a crap about you. They care ONLY for your money. If they cared so much, why are they not adding the eyetoy 2.0 for free to go with those free features already installed on the PS4?

Your kind crack me up.

MariaHelFutura1937d ago

Why does everyone say that? Of course they're a company. Some do business differently, like Kashi and Mcdonalds.

I'll give you an example of the respect I'm talking about still ran within a business structure.

-PS4 not making you buy a camera like the Xbox

-PS+ vs. XBL.

-Microsoft trying to restrict everything, while Sony didn't.

Ashlen1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


Wait, your point is Sony is bad because they give you a free mini game that demonstrates the consoles features? Also chances seem pretty good that Playroom will be modified to have full functionality w/o Eye. Besides nothing else on the console requires Eye, you can play games watch Netflix and everything else w/o the Eye.

I think the vast majority of PS4 buyers are happy that they have the option to buy or not buy the Eye. For me that $60 will be used to buy an extra game.

Cmk01211937d ago

Sony is a great company and is very smartly marketing to make great profits, people need to wake up and realize Sony isn't this super consumer friendly company in business to make friends not money. They just have a better mastering team than MS. It's all PR play and people are eating it up in droves. You'll see the digital push from Sony too just wait, that's all MS did they just sucked at marketing it.

rainslacker1937d ago


I'd rather have a company that has the appearance of caring about it's consumers than not. If you look at companies that operate like that, they tend to be well liked because they give the customers what they want(or at least give them the choice to decide what they want), and do so in a friendly way....hence, consumer friendly.

Now, I'll admit, Sony does do some things which aren't entirely consumer friendly...Vita memory card prices/tech come to mind, along with sporadic quality in their customer service dept...but overall, they do make products people want to buy, and offer them in a very friendly, sometimes expensive, way. That in turn leads to them making money.

One example counter-point I can think of outside of gaming is that AT&T touts how great their customer service is. How awesome they are for their customers. But the reality is you'd be hard pressed to find someone who has had to deal with AT&T find them to be overly friendly.

So moral of the post, actions speak louder than words. Marketing be damned. And with Sony, for the most part, they've always delivered what I've wanted in a gaming system.

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

It's a streaming device Sony's 4k player to stream movies you have to be connected

_FantasmA_1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

LOL? Are you serious? It streams movies!!!! Where the hell do you think you are going to stream from besides the internets? Your microwave?

FrightfulActions1937d ago

Pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly. What the hell, people?

Need internet to stream stuff? GTFO, no way. Next they'll be saying we need electricity just to run these consoles. Preposterous!

shivvy241937d ago

Im almost certain you can stream from your microwave

karl1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Flawless logic... now.. how do u take this info and somehow end with a "ps4 will require internet to work" article


rainslacker1937d ago

When reading this article I initially thought it was going to be for physical media. I had to go look up the player and Video Unlimited to realize this is nothing like what people have been complaining about.

All these copy protection measures mentioned in this article are for digital streamed/downloaded content. If Sony(or whoever) were to come out with a similar protection for retail discs that prevented resale/trading of those discs then the question on the PS4 would make sense.

As it is, if PS4 offers this, and it uses this protection to this degree, then yes, it will require the internet to work.

For those interested in the actual copy protection involved here

ApolloTheBoss1937d ago

How many times do they have to say it before it gets through people's thick heads? Jesus Christ.

EffectO1937d ago

"Sony is releasing a new media player, the FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD, which should be arriving at stores on July 15th. This player will only be compatible with Sony 4k televisions, and it will require that you activate the machine at the website. Sony has also announced a new service, a website where you can purchase or rent 4k movies to play through your new media player and Sony TV."

Massive fail.

jp_footy21937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Your comment is a massive fail. No, I'm only joking. Why don't you explain yourself rather than just brainlessly saying "massive fail"?

EffectO1937d ago

"This player will only be compatible with Sony 4k televisions"

Only for Sony TV.

"Video Unlimited 4K will offer movies and TV shows for direct download to its 4K player."

That doesn't sound like streaming.Do they even have 4K streaming?
2TB hdd is not here for nothing.

"4K players should have an Internet connection in order authenticate each video playback."

Uh oh

extermin8or1937d ago

@effectO how the hell do you download stuff if not via the internet? Tell me because I really want to know what this new thing is... and when you find me another company with 4K TV's out atm let me know last I checked sony were the only ones...

rainslacker1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

The reason for that is that the copy protection is a 2 part thing. The media player and the TV itself has it's own encryption key to prevent the copying of the contents. The contents can be registered to a single device, or possibly an account with multiple devices.

Doesn't make it a great thing, just stating why it is the way it is.

As of right now, these devices are upwards of $1000. They're kinda like Blu-Ray when it first came out. I imagine if Sony were to get a dominate foothold in the market for 4K streaming, other TV manufacturers would get in on licensing the tech.

I personally wouldn't be surprised to see this type of 4K service on the PS4 in the future. Implementation is pretty strict though, so not sure how well it will catch on. As the author said, people are becoming disillusioned with the closed off proprietary DRM systems being implemented by too many competing device makers.

Also, the device is a download device. not sure if it can play/buffer a stream while downloading. PSN/SEN have a similar service now on the PS3 and Blu-Ray players in their movie store, although it's not 4K.

DJMarty1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

@EffectO - The Sony 4K TV comes with a media server with some movies on it.

_FantasmA_1937d ago

Your comment is a massive fail because you don't explain why it's a massive fail. Instead you just wrote massive fail but failed to give a massive reason for this massive failure.

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