Gamesradar Review: Opoona

Gamesradar writes:

"Opoona does boast a ton of side content though, from the optional job licenses to TV shows that are transmitted to your character's PDA. There are loads of licenses to be earned as well, allowing you to try your hand at such jobs as mining, farming, art, music, and yes, the service industry. Finally every gamer can live out their wild fantasy of working at a fast food restaurant! Each job bases itself around a minigame like task that you will repeat for each job until you have completed enough tasks to earn the next level of your license.

Give credit to Opoona for trying to wedge a lot of new ideas into its paper thin premise, but the half baked 'lifestyle' elements can't hide the fact that it's a very simplistic and ultimately uninteresting RPG.

You'll love

* Cute, stylish graphics and ear pleasing music
* Loads of side content
* Interesting combat system

You'll hate

* Uninteresting, paper thin plot
* Arbitrary, repetitive license and job system
* Wasting time navigating poorly designed maps"

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PS360WII3885d ago

Hmm from most reviews it sounds like it's a decent RPG with great music that have gawd aweful maps... not all that bad really. Confusing maps make you level up more I suppose...