2009′s Assassin’s Creed II confirmed as next Xbox LIVE Games With Gold freebie

El33tonline writes:

"After the debacle surrounding the latest free Xbox LIVE game to be offered to Xbox LIVE Gold members via Microsoft’s ‘Games With Gold’ promotion, followed by a semi mea culpa, Xbox frontman Major Nelson has confirmed that the next free title available to Gold subscribers will be the previously promised Assassin’s Creed II, which like Defense Grid: Awakening, also released in 2009."

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Smoovekid1989d ago

Still a four year old game.

DxTrixterz1989d ago

Do not expect to get any games from 2011-2013 period. Microsoft will never give you that. They will probably give out 4-7 years old games that pretty much everybody has.

CRAIG6671988d ago

To be fair, the ultimate game's sale that's on at the moment has some massive bargains, I would recommend everyone take a look,I think it's changing everyday for a week, I got Mass Effect for £4.49

kreate1989d ago

I still want halo3 and assasin creed right now as originally promised.

And a new game next month.

Cueil1988d ago

hold your damn horses... you get AC2 after the 15th then you'll get another 2 games next month... you keep these games and if you own the physical copies trade them into gamestop towards a PS4/Xbone

kreate1988d ago

Ill believe it when it happens.

fr0sty1988d ago

At least they're kinda trying...

Mr Pumblechook1989d ago

Assassin's Creed II is a great game but it is also four years old. This is a cheap arse move. Why can't Microsoft pay the bucks and try and give away more recent games like Sleeping Dogs and Battlefield 3?

CrossingEden1988d ago

i've seen you specifically bragging and how ps4 is getting planetside 2 and blacklight retribution for free -_-

HK61988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Sony are guaranteed to get money from you so long as you want to play the games they provide, as you have to have PS+ to play them. Microsoft, on the other hand, give the games permanently to anybody that has paid for a Gold membership.

That means that you could buy a one-month membership for $2.96 ( ) and get two or possibly three games (if you redeem the membership a couple days before the first game offer expires). I am fairly certain that Defense Grid: The Awakening (800 MSP or $10) and Assassins Creed II ($15.33 ) are worth far more than $2.96.

fr0sty1988d ago

For the few people that care to play those games. That is the main issue with MS' policy, it prevents them from giving people games that are still relevant. So rather than being able to play games that are only 6 months to a year old, you get the bargain bin classics instead.

Rebo001988d ago

No they aren't worth more than $2.96

GameCents1988d ago

Because these games are yours to keep, not rent. Plus this isn't a free game service like ps plus, this is just an added bonus that nobody was expecting.

Had we paid for gold expecting free games then we'd have more right to complain.

BattleReach1989d ago

Just bought AC3, so I'll pick this one up too. Because its free.

Cueil1988d ago

In Soviet N4G your facts are disagrees hahahaha

asiatico1989d ago

Yea, a free game because xbox gold is so great.. Right..

typikal821988d ago

Thanks for paying $60/year for the last 10 years, here's some old crap no one else wants

Jarhead17761989d ago

Rejoice! M$ is so generous. ( please note the sarcasm)

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The story is too old to be commented.