Media Create hardware sales (6/24 – 6/30)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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sherimae24131603d ago

OMG that vita bump in sales!! Vita > 30k
and toukiden despite multiplat with psp it managed to sell at 120k plus!

now developers will start its transition from psp to vita i assume ^_^
and because of this i will treat my vita with a new game!

Hicken1603d ago

Let's hope so. I honestly can't see why they wouldn't want to at least make games for both consoles. It's not like the Vita is hard to develop for.

chestnut11221603d ago

Vita takes it's Vitamins :) Toukiden Seems So Promising, From 13k to 30K+ Nice Bump! :)

Neonridr1603d ago

some big Vita releases overseas help the bump in sales?

1603d ago
PSjesus1603d ago

360 numbers are just the Japanese who replaced their RROD systems

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