Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack Delayed, Hits April 10

In a brief email today, publisher Activision gave a revised release date of April 10 for the Xbox 360 version of its upcoming Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack. The release of the map pack was originally scheduled for April 3.

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Brian52473542d ago

only a few days later instead of 2 weeks. Nice.

CiRCuiTz3542d ago

on xbox live it still says the 3rd.

Hagaf223542d ago

so are you going to believe the publishers or xbl? ummmm... lets think about this one for a second, its like believing every date on the gamestop release listing.

tgh machines3542d ago

Thats not, that is not the publisher. That is some random website saying that they got an email from someone from activision.

Nevers3541d ago

We're gonna deal with a lot of info today. Some good ... some notta so goo'. I deem this BS. No credible sources were listed and it's just some random website.

zslash3541d ago

Nevers: Sorry, but it's true. Gotta love all the people calling fake on some things just because it's April Fools day :P

zslash3541d ago

The official CoD 4 website has updated has updated with the new date now.


Nevers3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

... but that doesn't make me any less of a cynic regarding any story that comes out today or this month for that matter... since that lazy trend has started occurring more frequently.

Those two websites are a bit fishy w/o the www's or any link that isn't an ad. Got an official site that's announcing it?

Nevers3539d ago

IT WAS TOTAL BULL$H!T ZSLASH... Better luck next year ;P

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tony3542d ago

new maps are need it. good thing they are coming.

PR0F3TA3542d ago

I own it for PS3 so its still the 23rd for me


Breakfast3542d ago

Really?? How stupid is that

RJ20003542d ago

Atleast its less than a month unlike the update for hit detection...

bozobucketeer3542d ago

PS3's is the 23rd? I have a feeling gta4 vs. map pack isn't a desireable competition for IW.

PR0F3TA3542d ago

you are right... i can't buy a map pack 4 days prior to GTA-IV. I'll have no time to play it and 10 dollars will go to waste.

who knows though, i play COD4 alot

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Nitrowolf23542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

i havnte heard anything about PS3 on 23rd u sure?
i know we miss the next 2 weeks with no store update but mybe it will release on the 17th. cant b 23rd that a wednesday they dont update till thursday.
BTW i was thinking that it would come out sooner so i went to gamestop website to check out the COD4 game of the year addition for PS3 and they seem to take it out. That has the maps but its not there for PS3 no more so i wanted to check the date cause then PSN would have to release the map packs b4 that

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The story is too old to be commented.