GTA IV More Popular on Xbox 360 according to IGN Poll

On March 28 IGN created a poll on asking readers the following question: "If you're buying GTA IV, which platform version will you purchase?" Surprisingly the Xbox 360 version beat out the PlayStation 3, despite the fact that the series was popularized on previous Sony consoles where past iterations have sold tens of millions of copies.

"If you're buying GTA IV, which platform version will you purchase?
PS3: 36%
Xbox 360: 64%
Total Number of Votes: More than 18,000"

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sonarus3886d ago

Its a poll but with an 18,000 sample size. I still think it will be closer than 2-1 but 360 will definitely win on the software sales however ps3 will gain more hardware sales

-EvoAnubis-3886d ago

I don't care how big of a sample it is. It's still an online poll from one source. This isn't news.

Genesis53886d ago

Well I guess at IGN it is. We'll have to wait and see about the rest of the world.

wow4u3886d ago

how many stories of polls about Xbox 360 heat-failure have been posted on this site? 3? 4?

The N4G sony-mafia is turfing any anti-Sony stories and approving EVERY anti-MS story.

Ghoul3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

such polls are NOT representive,

ign users are most likely hardcore gamers and most are from uk and us
wich is the biggest 360 market, just wait for the real sales charts,

gta4 will sell more on 360 no doubt but that poll is useless

mikeslemonade3886d ago

Almost all multi-owners get there news from IGN, 1up, gamespot, N4G, Kotaku etc. and these are the people who are primarily taking the polls, so of course these guys are going to buy the 360 in anticipation for the exclusive DLC.

Fallen_Angel3886d ago

Actually UK has a bigger install base for the ps3. I actually surprised by this poll as I thought that the uk sales wont be stronger for the ps3 and the us for the 360. Maybe the price drop combine with the DLC is giving MS a big boost in the uk for gta4

Lifendz3886d ago

that the gaming guy that takes a poll on IGN, reads the mags and the sites will absolutely buy the 360 version. It's all the other people that have been playing their PS2s up until now and aren't as hardcore that'll walk into the store and buy a PS3 to play GTA.

butterfinger3886d ago

you could easily vote multiple times on this poll lol. I thought I remembered an article on here that said IGN is Sony biased. I guess they're really covering their tracks now:P

AuToFiRE3885d ago

there are more 360s than PS3s, plus no many people have both consoles to really choose, its more of a 'i have this console' poll

SlappyMcTaint3885d ago

Wow, so this was asked on the 360 portion of their site. Nice way to get an unbiased response, IGN.

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Alcaponeyou3886d ago

for online polls
hiphip hooray!

mesh13886d ago

HAHAH WHAT THE BIG DEAL GO TO GTA4 FURMS THE 360 v ps3 poll of who is going to ge tit for what systems shwos most PEOPLE on gta furms are getting this game for the360.also who preorders games any more ive never preordderd a game .

MaximusPrime3886d ago

so elderly people have been voting.

The Killer3885d ago

and we all know that there is more hardcore users on 360 than ps3 now, but the casuals r saving their money for ps3 to get GTA4!

PStriple7033886d ago

but on IGN more people will be buying it...
simple as that