A Closer Look at the Rumoured GTA 4 Achievements looks at the leaked GTA4 achievements and finds some information about the game that most people will miss, and comes up with some neat ideas that Rockstar might have put in. writes:

Three days ago a list of the GTA4 achievements began floating about the web. It's still not known whether they are true or not, but either way it provides an interesting look at what the achievements could be. You've probably all seen the list by now, but if you haven't, then here it is, but complete with a discussion of each one and some cool stuff that Rockstar could put in.

I've split the achievements into 4 categories: interesting, fun, standard and self explanatory and story - in that order. The standard category is where the more mundane of achievements go, but also the ones that are self explanatory eg. Win 20 singleplayer street races. These achievements may be fun, but only the funnest go in the fun category, which is reserved for the achievements that look like they'll be the most enjoyable to get eg. blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds. Interesting is the section in which the achievements go if they tell us something about the game we didn't know already, or if I have had any ideas of what they could mean. Finally, the story category, is for story achievements.

So without further ado, away we go.

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