Halo 3: Wintertime in Valhalla

Modified maps of a snowy environment in Halo 3's Valhalla spark attention from Bungie workers who pass somewhat positive feedback on the four screenshots.

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FlyWestbrook3645d ago

That looks awesome! Much better than snowbound.

wageslave3645d ago

Snowbound is just really small, its a good map for king of the hill. While this map, is probably the best all-around map in the game.

Breakfast3645d ago in the hell can you say that. Let me get a shotgun and camp the bottom...thats just great. The pit is way more balanced than this camp fest

Breakfast3645d ago

Snow Valhalla looks nice...but this map (for me) is only good for snipers. How the hell is someone gonna hide when everything's white. You'll stand out from a Kilometer :) away

wageslave3645d ago

Change the colours of your armour.

Breakfast3645d ago

Really change my coulour...I didnt know you could do that in matchmaking...dont talk to me about having a 360...ive logged in more halo 3 hours then you will your entire life. Im being serious.

jamezrp3645d ago

I'd only play this map if everyone had white armor on and all the guns, vehicles etc could be turned white. That would be awesome.

linkofhyrule0073645d ago

Looks pretty sweet - I'd definitely play it if they put it up for free download.

mboojigga3645d ago

Actually it will be free after a couple of months. Not like anyone is going to stop playing them when they become free

wageslave3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )


The map packs become free after a time. There is plent of free content on LIVE. Dont worry, if you had an Xbox 360 you'd know that.

Here ya go, a link to the last free map-pack:

toughNAME3645d ago

Here's my version of Vahalla but in the dark. Keep in mind this isn't 100% completed so go easy on my mod work

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The story is too old to be commented.