Mass. Effect: Game Design Student, Game Developer Offer Insights from Massachusetts Game Bill Hearing

Gamepolitcs reports:

"It's always great to see members of the game community - not just the industry lobbyist types - involving themselves in the politics of gaming.

Thus, we were pleased to find student Josh Diaz' first-hand report of the Massachusetts' Legislature's recent hearing on HB1423, the Jack Thompson-authored bill which treats violent video games similarly to pornography. From Josh:

Earlier this month, I went to the Boston State House to witness a hearing on House Bill 1423… The first mention of the video game bill came from Rep. Dianne Wilkerson [who] offered a few points. First, she said that the bill wasn't going to limit access to these games' intended audience, adults. Secondly, she pointed to a recent rise in violent youth crime in Boston neighborhoods and a need to stop the exposure of these "images and acts" to children.

Her argument provided the backbone for the bill's ostensible purpose: stemming a tide of rising youth violence in Boston and surrounding neighborhoods by removing violent media from the hands of children."

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