Unfair pricing structure found on PlayStation Store

As you might have noticed, the PS Store is currently blooming with new content (in certain countries of course) and with a new layout coming soon the PS Store has quite a promising future ahead of it.

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ruibing3644d ago

It's just that the dollar is worth less now, it's not the PSN that's overcharging you, it's the US economy.

Silellak3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Even if the dollar is decreasing in value, all of the content should still cost the same for everyone. If that means adjusting the prices to meet economic fluctuations (either raising the US price, or lowering the South African price), so be it.

Anything less is unfair to SOMEONE (as this shows).

Just ask the Canadians, who have long paid far more for games and consoles (EDIT @1.2 below: and everything else in the damn world) than their American counterparts.

That being said, I'm sure XBL has this same issue, though. $10 US dollars probably buys more Microsoft points than the equivalent of $10 in Euros does.

Breakfast3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Trust me...its not only the games us Canadians pay more for

Edit: "and everything else in the damn world than their American counterparts." dont even know how annoying it gets...lucky i live an hour away from the border.

barom3644d ago

It's kinda funny, my friend who lives in Norway gets everything dirt cheap (purchasing power wise). Example. normally a game would cost 599NOK which is equal to 120$. But off the PSN he can get Warhawk for 240NOK but out in the store it's 599NOK with headset. Get the point? Tekken 5 is only like 80NOK without online and he paid an additional 40NOK for online patch. Dirt cheap!!! I'm guessing GT5P is probably gonna be 240NOK as well. 1$ is usually around 5NOK now but was 5.5NOK around christmas times so stuff may get a bit more expensive if you're gonna calculate the actual value. But if you compare prices in the store and PSN (which is what you should anyway). PSN is dirt cheap.

If I still lived in Norway I would've bought a bunch of stuff from the Norwegian PSN. I bet those Warhawk expansion is like 20-30NOK or something. Anyway, my friend who is a great guy let's me download a bunch of stuff too so I don't see it being account/region locked either. With the exception of Warhawk and most likely the upcoming GT5P. Which is tied to the account. I can play on my friends Warhawk (and I usually do). So I'm guessing this is a PSP-only problem.

The_Firestarter3644d ago

Are you telling me that games in Norway cost the equivalence of $120!? Wow, that really sucks!

barom3644d ago

If you calculate the exact value yeah.

But if you wanna calculate what they earn which is on average about 200k-250k NOK which is 40k-50k US$. Go figure. I'm guessing average earnings for US is 20k-25k US$.

Like I said, it's the purchasing power that is important. A 120$ sure sounds a lot but in reality if you live there, you put in about the same amount of work to get the same item.

Ghoul3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

@ firestarter

norway has a much higher per person income so its nearly square

@ story

sorry but what a weak attempt to make the psn look bad... this has nothing to do with sony but with the global economy and mostlikely george w. bush for his politics ;D

btw rtalking about whining

we (europeans pay much more then the us 100€ = 156$ atm)

ps3 game 108 $ (original retail price 69€)
ps3 783 $ (500€ version)

somethingSQUISHY3644d ago

I believe the mean wage for the average US worker is around $40k/year.

LJWooly3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I never really understood what the point of the "Microsoft Points" system was. I'm glad Sony didn't go with something like that. It's stupid, you need a little conversion chart to know how much you're paying, it's ridiculous. Why can't I just use real money??

Btw, Average income for the American citizen is 25k per annum. That's what I heard a couple of years ago, at least. i can't imagine it's changed that much.

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Marceles3644d ago

A blogger from South Africa's opinion...sigh, *goes back to Warhawk*

Silellak3644d ago

Well, it's not an "opinion" that the price is different, it's just an "opinion" on whether or not that price difference is fair.

Silellak3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

So if you download from the US Store and then later switch your console to the European store, the old content won't work? There's no option to permanently switch all of the content over? Or at least get a refund on everything downloaded and re-download it?

I didn't know that. That seems kind of lame.

This is the sort of thing that will always keep digital downloads a step behind physical media. I don't want a game or movie collection I could suddenly lose due to some sort of technicality.

@3.1 Below:

Yeah, you're right. Which is why I laugh and laugh and laugh when people say digital downloads will overtake Blu-ray for the leading HD format.

xhi43644d ago

its called license restrictions, some us music videos can only be played in that country , it cant be released in the other country, if it is people can sue etc.

That is one of the drawbacks of digital media, but thats the only way it can work and be protected at the moment.

Lumbo3644d ago

my US store bought copy of Pain works on my regular EU account .. so there :P

SURE it is unfair, so are different wages, and different prices for rent or food. But its pointless to whine about that. Compare the EU PS3 starting price of 599 EUR to the $ price then (value was about 130:100 EUR:$)

Live is unfair, learn to cope with that. The store prices are targeted at the average income and buying power of a country. You don't see me complain that Everybodys Golf PS3 is EUR 72 at my local Amazon page, but only about EUR45 at and

Fishy Fingers3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Of course the PSN is guilty of unfair pricing, but it's not just the PSN, it's almost everything. From a BigMac to a mp3 player.

niall773644d ago

blame the all... ighty.... ollor

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