What Happened to Xbox Rewards?

ZeroContinues Editor ArtG writes:

"I used to have a problem; a points problem, if you will. Yes, I'm talking about those stupid achievements that give you stupid points that go on your stupid gamertag. But early on in the life cycle of the Xbox 360, I was absolutely hooked on getting all the achievements I possibly could to show the world that I was a "hardcore gamer" and I had the points to back that statement up. Despite it being an irrational and idiotic stance to take, the draw of it early on was fantastic; my competitive nature was being tapped into through this points system.

Over time my interest waned. Maybe the novelty wore off or I came to the realization that there was no reason I should be playing Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII (there is no reason anyone should be playing that damn game) for these mystical "points". Then the Xbox Rewards Program came out.

But, as quick as it came, the quicker it went away."

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Frag Monger3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

IMO, the article author is overlooking the VERY obvious. Clearly, they stopped with these programs until they could get gamerscore cheating under control.

Now that they have, and the first batch of culprits has been appropriately punished, perhaps they can start up with them again.

I don't blame Old Spice or any of the other companies involved one bit, if they asked (or demanded) MS fix the gamerscore cheating before any more promotions tied to gamerscore.

Breakfast3612d ago

Good/Great point. Cheating is/was pretty bad

Hatchetforce3612d ago

But it doesn't change the fact that Live never materialized as originally discussed by MS. "Seel you home made T shirts and upload levels and skins you made. PSN is heading in that direction but MS and the closed 360 dev system is not.

Breakfast3612d ago

PSN is heading in the right direction because it had plenty of time to analyze what Live and Xbox did right, and what it did wrong. All they're doing is streamlining it and making it there own.

We'll see how Home and the xmb work out for PSN after all these years.

wow4u3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )


Xbox 360 is open. Want to write a game from the ground up? XNA is free. XNA Community is a channel to deliver your home made game, without any involvement by Microsoft or a publisher. Totally user-community owned.

Forza 2 and Halo 3's Forge are good examples of providing user-generated content to be shared and created.

Xbox 360 is, right now, the most open game console on the market. What PS3 games have user generated content right now? UT3? Thats it, and the mods are no more "open" than XNA.

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Syko3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

This guy is an idiot. I must have magically won a $100 Best Buy card for some other reason then. huh?

I also participated in the first challenge in February 07' and since I had over 10,000 Gamerscore I was in tier three. Which won you a Level 3 Gamerpic, 200 MS Points, Contra on the XBLA, A Old Spice T-Shirt and a Sealed copy of Fuzion Frenzy.

Fast Forward to January 08' and over at they were giving a ton of prizes away, for Gamerscore contests between 3-16 people. Everything from a $20 Amazon Gift Card to a HD-DVD add on (Which of course was pre-death) Also $100 Best Buy cards and 1 year memberships to Gamefly. The prizes were determined by length (Days from 3-30) and active participants (4-30 people). You could even win multiple prizes as long as they were not in the same prize tier. With 4 prize tiers you had the chance to win 4 very good prizes.

For me though after raising my Gamerscore 10,000 points in a single week I couldn't be bothered to try and win any other prizes. Pretty sweet for me though because that $100 Best Buy card went towards the purchase of my PS3.

Anyways this article is useless.....As they recently just had one and this guy didn't know about it, boo hoo.

Here is the LINK to the 2nd challenge's "Official Rules" you clearly knew nothing about:

Breakfast3612d ago

lol...People always poopoo on's articles. I think theyre opinion is not wanted. They should at least get there facts straight before trying to write an article like this. be a waste of internet space

Even that joke is getting old now

dannyhinote_133612d ago

Hey, remind me...When did 360voice get bought out by Microsoft?
Oh wait.

BigKev453612d ago

The big "MS" doesn't want to give away free stuff. That's why.

wow4u3612d ago

There is free content on Xbox LIVE all the time. The final expansion for Oblivion: Free. Halo 3 Forge content is all free. The first Halo 3 mappack is now free.

Stop talking out your anus.

pwnsause3612d ago

people are cheating, thats why they have the program on halt.

SlyGuy3611d ago

I think they should bring back "rewards". It is a great idea if used properly.

I would then like all systems to incorporate something similar. Nice idea Microsoft.

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