Vegas 2 sells 2 million units

VG247 is reporting that Rainbow Six Vegas 2 has now sold 2 million units. The news comes in a Ubisoft press release raising financial guidance for 07/08.

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Cwalat3675d ago

Holy SHIET that was FAST :O

Bleucrunch3674d ago

yup great expansion pack.

dragunrising3674d ago

The sequel doesn't offer too much more than the original. A shame considering the first left me (and everyone else) with high expectations for a second installment. Oh well...back to COD4

Hagaf223675d ago

yeah, seems too quick, but hey, now they know that they dont need to fix games to sell games, way to go consumers we just gave ubi 120 million (the cost of 2 mil $60 games of course) reasons to release more games with out testing them-- yeah!! /sarcasm

shysun3675d ago

I tried to worn as many people as possible! They did fix it so you can actually play online on the PS3..... it's still broken though! :(

fishd3675d ago

there is just 3 guys,but they call it rainbow six.strange ha?!

Marceles3675d ago

You know it doesn't have to do with the amount of guys on Rainbow 6 right? One guy isn't Red, another Orange, another Yellow lol...just thinking about that would be pretty gay actually

still the worst3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

they shipped out 2million
no way

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The story is too old to be commented.