SOCOM: Confrontation will include seven maps, clan support

SCEE's officially announced SOCOM: Confrontation. According to VG247, here's what you're going to get:

• Intense online combat experience with up to 32 players delivered in High Definition
• 7 highly detailed maps
• New engine built for PS3 with advanced physics, lighting and ballistics including penetration modelling
• Choice of playing as one of five special forces units: United States Navy SEALs, Special Air Service (SAS, United Kingdom), Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK, Germany), Unidad de Operaciones Especiales (UOE, Spain), 1er Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine (1er RPIMa, France)
• Unrivalled Community Features with increased clan & ladder support
• Tournaments available at the regional, national and global levels
• Advanced player matching enable players to form teams with their friends and easily join an online game
• Integration with Stat tracking, clan management tools, My SOCOM pages and more

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TheExecutive3672d ago

I like that they have bullet penetration... I am also wondering if they will have realistic damage modeling (nothing like battlefield where a grenade can blow apart a building). Someone seriously needs to do that and socom would be perfect.

Milkman5413672d ago

Well the thing about Battlefield...the blowing up buildings is kinda can't blow up everything you want, only certain parts...So until they can do everything I say leave it out of the game...

jmare3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I do agree that truly destuctible environments would be nice to have and it would give Confrontation a huge advantage over COD4.

Breakfast3672d ago


Baby should be glad that they're trying it. Other developers, and even themselves, will see this and try to improve upon it.

Panthers3672d ago

No no no no. Socom is not about running around and blowing things up. That would entice people to use things like grenade launchers (which will hopefully be disabled for Ranked games.) No one in Socom liked M203s, Rocket Launchers, or M79s. If you used them, you typically got voted out of the room.

Socom has always been about being tactical and stealthy. When you add destructibility to the game, it changes the flow of the map. The developers understand that and I doubt it will be in the game. Certain things will be destructable, but those will be pre-determined things like the C4 bridges on Crossroads.

Being able to blow up the entire map is just dumb. Besides, you would not have the available explosives to do that.

Bullet penetration is not new to Socom. You could shoot through certain boxes and sheet metal in earlier Socoms.

TheExecutive3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

uh.... grenades can be used tactically, they are everyday. I am not talking about turning it into a frag fest but using grenades and such are a very accepted tactical strategy. Adding realistic destructibility is an important evolutionary step in shooters.

I want a realistic shooter, not a snobish gaming room. I hate a frag fest as much as the next guy but using weapons in a tactical situation is acceptable. no, you shouldnt be running around with 7 grenades but 2 grenades should be acceptable.

I wasnt championing the battlefield maps i was asking for destructibility. if you used a grenade launcher on a brick and mortar building it should act as it would in the real world, if you used in on a soft infrastructure target it should act as in the real world. I dont understand why someone, in a tactical shooter, wouldnt want a realistic physics engine on objects and personel alike.

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achira3672d ago

very interesting infos. till september is a long time.

Merkaba3672d ago

Def great info. But im not in a hurry for it to come out. Want it to be GREAT! plus. GTA should keep us occupied till Socom is out :)

Alcohog3672d ago

Really starting to sound pretty well rounded. I can't wait for the SOCOM style online play to make its way back!

CaptainHowdy3672d ago

And price? I'm guessing what Warhawk ran for.

weazle3672d ago

Only 7 maps?? That seems a little slim and can get repetitive real fast. They are probably planning to nickel and dime us on DLC later on. Other than that it is looking like a great game.

Chubear3672d ago

.. you've never played Socom before have you? o.O

Pain3672d ago

This Socom is just a PSN Online Only multi-player for last i herd around $30.

and yes Hail to the King i say mmm socom bring it ^^

SRuN43672d ago

It was originally 5 maps, they have since then added 2 maps and with the release date being September, there's a chance they'll add more.

TheExecutive3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I really think 7 rotating maps will be fine for me. I dont like 20 maps because it takes forever to learn all of them. 7 seems like a good number where, when in rotation, you dont play one too often and none would get repetitive. If you consider that a map lasts at least 15 minutes thats 105 minutes before you play the same map again, thats not bad at all.

EDIT: To add to the argument that 7 maps is enough because it takes time to learn each map: this is a tactical shooter, not a run and gun shooter so its important to learn your surroundings.

Panthers3672d ago

"5.1 - "repetive real fast" ??
.. you've never played Socom before have you? o.O"

Exactly. If you have ever played Soocm (I am referring to pre-Socom 3) then you will understand that some people played only one map for 2-3 years, every night and never got tired of it. Socom does not get repetitive. Best online game ever.

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