Revamped PS3 Store 'will no longer use the PS3 browser'

The revamped PlayStation 3 Store "will no longer use the PS3 web browser", a Sony source has told Eurogamer.

Due to launch in mid-April, the Store features a slick new front-end and the source says it's an improvement in other areas too.

"It will cache all images properly and is much faster than the old one," he says.

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sonarus3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Excellent. Sony is moving in the right direction and i like that. The web browser interface just made it feel primitive. Nice to know a new firmware update is coming up as well and it isnt a 2.25 its a 2.30. Time to restart those in game xmb rumors:)

Neo-Delta3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

SCEE has already said In-Game Communication is coming with firmware v2.40 ... So that means it'll be next.

Fishy Fingers3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

People will always get their hopes up, only to be disappointed. Sony knows in-game XMB is a big deal, I'm sure when it's coming they'll be the first to let you know.

gEnKiE3763d ago

"In-Game Communication is coming with firmware v2.40"

Did I miss something? When was this announced?

chaosatom3333763d ago

there isn't that much wrong with current store but it does have its share of problems like the slowness, lackluster look.

Hope the new store look makes me buy more content along with pixel junk, which I already have.

The annoying thing is those games ads on the sides. They keep changing once I go into a folder.

It would be good to have a rating system of some sort on downloadable games or something.:)

Marceles3763d ago

Ray Maguire of SCEUK revealed some very interesting information regarding the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 has sold over a million units in the UK and has sold faster than the PSOne and PS2. He also revealed that PS3 Firmware 2.40 will include "in-game communication" and is expected in the summer. You read right, he mentioned Firmware 2.40!

Ray Maguire said:

"Achieving one million PS3 sales faster than both PSOne and PlayStation 2 is even more gratifying considering PS3 is a premium product introduced at a premium price.

Our momentum will continue with the introduction of in-game communication in the summer, firmware update 2.4 and the strongest line-up of games through our third party partners and our own studios. I d personally like to thank our trade and business partners for helping us on the start of the PS3 journey."

It still doesn't say the in-game communication is coming at FW says it's coming in the summer, but at least we finally have a glimpse where Sony plans to finally release it

whoelse3763d ago

Looks like 2.30 will be a very network-based update just like the previous one was movie based. Hopefully we will get extra PSN features too!

Ghoul3763d ago


this finally makes psn my favorite online service

rawg3763d ago

Agree with you Sonarus. The fact that the PSN store will be a native XMB app is good news indeed. If I was a gambler, I'd bet that this means that Sony has done some tweaking of the XMB OS to make it more efficient and flexible.

What's next? Movie/TV Store? Music Store?

Can't wait to try this out in a few weeks.

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decapitator3763d ago

Great news Sony. Now it's time time to start giving us concrete dates about upcoming betas ie. HOME, Killzone 2 etc, etc.

zonetrooper53763d ago

About time tbh, the current store is so annoying to use comapred to the XBL marketplace. Can't wait to see how good the new store will be.

Hagaf223763d ago

its nice to see this free service is constantly getting better, sony's getting sweeter and sweeter in '08

meepmoopmeep3763d ago

nice... i never liked the one second delay after clicking on something

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