Microsoft Lawyer: We Respect Sony

So do Microsoft and Sony hate each other? "Not exactly" according to Microsoft's Game Studio's attorney, as he's stirred the hottest rivalry this generation. Don McGowan made news a few days ago with his comments regarding the Master Chief mod on Sony's PlayStation 3 running on Unreal Tournament. In response to whether or not Microsoft had a problem with it, Don explained the content usage rules did not forbid users the right to create such content if they are not making money from it. He went on to describe how proud Microsoft were that Master Chief was so popular that gamers from the other platform wanted to play with the character, and then proceeded with a low blow - "And no one is taking characters from PlayStation games (do they even have any games?)"

He made an appearance on Major Nelson's blog to explain his comments and admitted that because he's a lawyer himself doesn't mean he's untouchable, as he waits to be "spanked" because of the controversy.

Listen from the 49th minute mark on the Podcast.

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BilI Gates3736d ago

Take it from me guys we don't hate Sony but business is business.

VaeVictus3736d ago

since the 360 has a closed online system that doesn't allow for mods.

kevoncox3736d ago

I think it's more like politics. Odama and Clinton don't hate each other but when debating you have to rub the other guys face in it to make you look better. I believe that Sony does a bi more of the rubbing since e305 but both sides do rubbing....

Bubbles please. I will dance for bubbles.
Fanboys have stolen my bubbles.

kevin11223736d ago

kevin, you would be wrong. Microsoft has done a boatload more than sony did.

Nevers3736d ago

Microsoft doesn't hate Sony (or vice versa) nearly as much as fanboyz hate fanboyz... both companies are rakin' in the $$$$$$$$$ hand over fist.

Bloodwar3736d ago

It must have gone over your head. What he was saying is we don't see anyone creating mods of Sony characters for the PS3.

VaeVictus3735d ago

is a UT3 mod. Bungie created Master Chief, M$ bought the rights to it. Squaresoft created Cloud, Sony bought the rights to it. Same thing, so yeah, maybe you should so more research. ;)

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Meus Renaissance3736d ago

I really enjoyed listening to what he said, very interesting. I like how he is aware of his own "scope and breadth of evil". "We will crush you". My god, if we had attorney's on N4G the server would die within hours.

Hagaf223736d ago

"its not hate, we just respectfully hate, so in a since we respect, but deep down, we hate."

Hagaf223736d ago

youve just been banished to the deepest realms of hell for that comment, you get a seat next to bill gates and hitler now, phil harrison would have been there too but he cross the line to devinity.