Cheaper PS3's in the UK?

Play-3 states:

''Indeed, it seems that some shops in Britain have taken the initiative to lower the PS3 40GB, from £299.99 to £269.99 (€380 to €340 - Example at Argos)''

''Will this downward trend be generalized to the whole of the UK, see Europe?''

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sonarus3488d ago

Its probably because of the GT5 sales boost. They are trying to draw in more hardware. Something sony should be doing themselves. I wonder how much hardware will be sold, i don't think ps3 has gotten this much attention since launch

cloud360-7th_account3488d ago

ps3 is lucky that retatilers are doing this

tecknical3487d ago

maybe this is a foreshadowing of an impending price drop? remember when retailers dropped the price of the ps3 then Sony made an official statement a couple of months later?

MJY2K3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

No the consumers are the lucky ones. The PS3 is already outselling the 360 in the UK even with their £50 price cut, this will just give people a bit more of a push for when GTA and MGS hit

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