Missing boy steals $10K, buys Playstation

Indonesian police said Monday they are searching for a nine-year-old boy who ran away from his home in Jakarta with more than 10,000 dollars in cash belonging to his father.

The boy reportedly bought a Playstation video games console and a mobile phone after enlisting the help of a shopping mall security guard to change around 800 dollars into Indonesian rupiah.

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Mikelarry3763d ago

10k and all he buys is a ps3. lol he sure crazy.

ravinash3763d ago

He needs some money to live off, get a small place and setup the Playstation and he'll be about right.

BeaArthur3763d ago

He's more crazy for only stealing 10K. I mean if you are going to do it make it worth the jail time. And I like my PS3 as much as anyone but I might think about buying a plane ticket with that money and worry about the PS3 later.

JsonHenry3763d ago

What a dork. When I stole $10k as a kid they caught me in a penthouse suite snorting coke off of an over-priced call girls ass!!

stunt2133763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I used to live in Indonesia and ps3 there cost about 800$ and not many can afford it i can see why this kid want it really bad but why would he ran away and steal his parents money

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Meus Renaissance3763d ago

If I was his dad, I'd be looking for the thickest belt right about now

Tempist3763d ago

I get the impression this isn't your typical 9 year old...

He must be some sort of super mutant 9 year old. He must be stopped before other 9 year olds can seize power!

xionpunk3763d ago

hells yeah, crush their rebellion before it takes root. Don't worry though, I know their weakness, tell them they have cooties (gasp!)

aceman73763d ago

Everyone wants a PS3 but they just cant afford it.

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The story is too old to be commented.