The Big Issue: Kids will always play GTA writes: I can't speak for everyone, but I saw plenty of 18-rated movies when I was a kid. Robocop seems to be the one that everyone of my generation had to see, but you can probably put films like Predator, Terminator and Aliens in that bracket too. I don't want to get into a discussion about whether those films scarred me (I had a few nightmares about Predator, but other than that I'm pretty well adjusted), but instead look at just how we, as kids, were able to watch those films. The BBFC did its job, giving them a legally enforceable 18 rating, our parents weren't in the dark about movies (they'd been around for years), yet everyone wanted to be Murphy in the playground."

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warden9763671d ago

they need some sort of advert on the tv explaining the ratings system for games...

ravinash3671d ago

At the moment your kid comes up to you and asks you to buy something for they...its time to investigate it. Thats if your taking your parenting seriously.
Unfortunatly no amount of rating systems can help if the parents don't care. But thats no excuse to ban games within reason...because then they would have to ban most stuff and treat everyone like kids. Then it really will be a nanny state.

wulan3670d ago

and thats guaranteed

No one will be buying that JOKE console after GTA4's release

cant believe that JOKE sold in excess of 20 million worldwide only to massively bore /disappoint the owners with its cartoon games

TheExecutive3671d ago

ratings dont stop kids from getting to the content they want to see, parents do.

Lifendz3670d ago

Are we going to restrict anything "adult" in nature because kids might get a hold of it? Okay, then let's start with guns. Yeah...guns. I mean, they're so alluring to kids and it could really cause harm. Or how about pornography? If little Timmy got a hold of that then maybe he'd be warped at an early age. How about alcohol? Sure there's an age limit but kids can get it and it could cause a world of problems. Lets just make all these things illegal because a kid could get it.

Sigh...see how slippery this slope is. Look, if you're a parent I'm sure a game like GTA IV would scare the crap out of you if you have littles ones that are impressionable or not mature enough to play the game. That's where a parent has to explain the difference between entertainment for some and reality for all.

And if your kid can't understand the difference then you, as a parent, have to monitor them silly. That's right, they can't hang with kids that have the game and get punished if they do.

I have a 5 year old and I won't let him watch Family Guy. He loves the show and so do I; but he's not ready for its themes. It takes constant monitoring on my part because I own all the DVDs (although I keep them in a separate area) and the show comes on right when he's in the bed, but I do it. And he doesn't watch it.

Blah Blah Blah, don't politicize or make my game illegal just because there's a threat that little ones will get a hold of it. /rant

deeznuts3670d ago

Paren't don't either, if you have a cool uncle or older friend. I saw Boyz N Tha Hood and Basic Instinct when I was a kid, not young kid, but barely a teen I think. I'm a little thuggish, and I like women. That's the result of that. Movies and video games don't drive kids to be bad. Or else there'd be 100 times more crimes by kids, because a lot of them are watching these movies, playing games that are rated higher than their age, and porn OMG back then we had to sneak into our parents room looking for VHS tapes. Now you get it on the internet.

San anto3671d ago

lol my cousin at the age of 4 played san andreas

TheExecutive3671d ago

lol thats a little young dont ya think? Maybe 10-12 but 4? they STILL dont have that firm of a grasp of reality yet.

Ivix3670d ago

Well, then your aunt and uncle fail at parenting.

Bathyj3670d ago

It depends how you view the situation. Yes they are too young to comprehend. In fact they are too young to even consider stealing a car or firing a gun. Where as a 14 or 15 year old might be having those very thoughts.

A 4 year old is too young to get into to much trouble and might mimic the gameplay in his own version of cops and robbers but one could argue the game is more dangerous in the hands of a rebellious teenager, whose just looking for bad things to do.

Just a different point of view.

I watched just about everything when I was a kid, particularly, horror, slasher flicks. Yeah I had a few nightmares sometimes and I would say Never again while in the grip of fear. Come daylight I'd be back again. I guess its like people who scream on rollercoasters and then line up for another go.

Never been in trouble with the law or been the one that started a fight. In fact I'm the one who usually breaks them up. I like my violence simulated. Kids see worse on the news.

San anto3670d ago

indeed he was playing the game (barely) just to enjoy driving around in the cars.

Play B3yond3670d ago

Lol my cousin played that game when he was 6 and you should see him now, cursin in every sentence, and saying he already lost his virginity and he dont even have hair down there, hes 9 now...But thats just his personality (It wasnt GTAs dead serious)

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undercovrr3671d ago

omfg stop this bullsh!t about kids playing R rated games. Yeh its the parents fault i guess, but not always. if parents see that their kid is a stable and smart individual, of course they gonna buy him/her the game, cuz the kid isn't gonna go crazy and kill people. Theres barely children out there that are gonna start mimicking the game, but u barely see a kid doing that. In 7 billion people in the world, with 1/4 of htat population being gamers, of course theres gonan be someone who will behave like they do in any game. But you people have to relax about this sh!t. And no they dont need to "explain the ratings of the game". the parent has to be a moron to not see the 17+ symbol. But yeh, im a 15 year old and all my games are M rated (except 1 or 2). Ppl should stop with this retarded issue and get over it!

tgh machines3670d ago

trust me there are not 1.75 billion gamers out there. Unless you define a gamer as some one who has played a video game before.

TrevorPhillips3670d ago

not a good idea for little kids

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