Hotel Rent Wiis For $50+ Hourly

USA Today writes: "The Westin chain is in groundbreaking talks with Nintendo to offer customized Wii (pronounced "we") systems in its more than 150 hotels and resorts, says Nadeen Ayala, a Westin spokeswoman. Details haven't been announced yet.

The fitness center at Manhattan's Le Parker Meridien has a customized Nintendo Wii console (games are preloaded and can't be pirated). Guests and non-guests work out with a trainer on Wii tennis or boxing projected on a racquetball court wall ($120 an hour) or rent the console to play solo or with pals ($50 an hour)."

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Hagaf223612d ago

well i guess if you cant find one in the stores heres a chance to play one, or you can go to gamestop and hang out with the 7 year olds trying to play it there.

Breakfast3612d ago

Depending on the game...One hour is all you'll need before you get bored.

The gaming GOD3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

That's robbery.

How much does a wii cost? 250?

that mean's in five hours the person would have been better off buying a wii of their own (assuming they can find one)

Edit: Wait a minute it said 50 +. You know they'll hike that price to like $60 in that case

Snipes203612d ago

Heck, they still do! Anybody else know of the custom N64 controller with pay per hour game "downloads" for around 5-10 bucks an hour (somewhere around that price). It was a major ripoff!

rCrysis3611d ago

that is a ridiculous price.

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