World's fastest internet connection 'used to dry laundry'

The Local writes: "

Last summer a 75-year-old woman from Karlstad became the envy of internet users worldwide.

With her blistering 40 gigabits per second connection, Sigbritt Löthberg had the world's fastest internet connection - many thousands of times faster than the average residential link and the first time ever that a home user had experienced such a high speed.

So after nine months with the ability to download a full high definition DVD in just two seconds or access to 1,500 high definition HDTV channels simultaneously, how has Sigbritt's life changed?

Not much, according to Hafsteinn Jonsson, who is heading up the fibre network operation for Karlstad Stadsnät.

"She mostly used it to dry her laundry," he told The Local.

"It was a big bit of gear and it got pretty warm." "

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zonetrooper53707d ago

Man if I had a 40GB connection I would download so many movies, music albums and games haha. I'm only on a 20MB connection from Virgin Media. =P

The Wood3707d ago

is it as good as they advertise. Do they use traffic shaping or have limits.

RealityCheck3707d ago

@1.1 fiber optics do have theoretical limits but we are nowhere near them. Currently the limitations are due to electronics at each end and this may always be the case.

Bonsai12143707d ago

yeah, the limit for FiOS is ridiculously high. limitations are the modems connected at the ends. which is why they won't need to lay down new infrastructure any time soon, but just keep improving the electronics.

Amanosenpai3707d ago

WTF... i just have 512 kps dsl connection... so STFU ¬_¬

JsonHenry3707d ago

I wish I had a connection that fast. I am stuck with 6meg service from Time Warner.

mhr5123707d ago


I work for Time Warner, later this year standard roadrunner will be 10 down and 1 up. Turbo 15x2!

Amanosenpai3707d ago

6meg is a wet dream here in Mexico ^^

Jon Cage3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

But the way it's distributed is crazy. I have it at my house, but my parents who are less than a mile away don't. If anyone is wondering how good it is or if they should get it. Limewire was my best friend right after I got connected. It took me more time thinking of stuff that I wanted to d/l than the actual time it took to d/l.

Oh and from the gaming side. It's really easy to get host, and P2P online games you have enough bandwidth to host matches across the Atlantic with no lag.

KineticX3707d ago

I used to have that 20MB connection from 'Virgin Media', we just got upgraded before we moved house,because we were so close to the exchange, it was more like 26MB.

Now I got 8MB DSL from Sky >.> Not a happy bunny indeed.

ravinash3707d ago

My internet was running really slow last night...even after 11pm (which is after peak time) it got down as low as 128kbs.....I'm paying for an 8MB service.
Damn Orange....they are so crap.

Finally decided I'm changing over to 'be'.

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Cwalat3707d ago


ska fan råna henne so jag kan spela snabbare online o döda er alla >:D


Azures3707d ago

Are their modems or routers available to consumers that can even attempt to approach something this fast?

Most are limited to 100mbs via hardline connection, 50/100mbs over wireless.

bootsielon3707d ago

What is the point of wasting so much bandwidth.

TwissT3707d ago

It is called PORNOGRAPHY my friend.

TurdStationPee3707d ago

This old bag doesn't have much time to download all those 20 gig site rips. Good thing for her connection.

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