BBFC greenlights GTA IV

Age ratings board the BBFC has told MCV that GTA IV has been given an 18 certificate, after initially banning fellow Rockstar title Manhunt 2.

The confirmation means that Grand Theft Auto IV is all set for release on Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 29th.

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Gazman3616d ago

Thats good but mr jack "i'm a drop kick" thompson will try something, and FAIL like always

Fishy Fingers3616d ago

Cool, so that means i shouldnt hear a single kid on Live/PSN right?

Exhaust3616d ago

I'm sure theres a few 90 year old grandmas that already pre-ordered the game for their 9 year old grandkid... Expect high pitched voices and mouth breathers to be online day one.

warden9763616d ago

this is good stuff...

re kids playing it - yep it's gonna happed because for some reason some parents can't see the big "18" on the front of a game like they can on a film - the thing to do is get their gamertag and then file a complaint...