GameStop acquires 49 stores in Norway

US games retailer GameStop has bolstered its presence in Europe by acquiring 49 stores in Norway.

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BigKev453641d ago

They have electricity in Norway? lol.

No way for Norway.

belal3641d ago

just as you know,Norway is the richest cuntry in the world lol.

use your head when your write ;)

BigKev453641d ago

No, in fact it's Luxembourg. Go back to school, retard.

barom3640d ago

lol his point really, was that Norway is pretty rich. While your first statement implies that it would be surprising that they have electricity.

Maybe you should get back to school as "which country is the richest" is not really a hot topic and you might actually learn something more useful.

ChrisGTR13641d ago

lol. if norway was so rich they woulda had gamestops like.. 20 years ago.

barom3640d ago

so you're saying a country's wealth is measured by having or not having gamestops?

for the record though, they've had gamestop for quite some time now (5 years or so). now they just have 49 more.

BigKev453640d ago

I knew what his point was. But anyways for your info, I'm a computer scientist. Since you said I should "learn something more useful", Bambo.

MrPink3640d ago

learn something more useful

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