New PSN Store Pics

Eurogamer is carrying some new images of the PSN Store redesign, slated for April. It all looks very sleek and lovely, so soon you will have a nice new interface to use when popping in to check the latest offerings every Thursday.

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sonarus3675d ago

Looks great. Have to see it running to form a strong opinion but it definitely looks better than the old one

decapitator3675d ago

Sucks about the no new updates for two weeks but the new design is should be TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT....Looks so good.

Ghoul3675d ago


but it seems to be a webinterface still :(

decapitator3675d ago

But then again, most Europeans will not even notice the difference since they get shafted in updates almost all the time..:(

jkhan3675d ago

But have to see it running.

thor3675d ago

Doesn't look like a web interface to me. Looks like you select from that list like a menu - look at the bar at the bottom saying O exit X enter. Looking very good but sucks to have no updates for 2 weeks. I hope this doesn't become the norm, "Hey! So we only have an update every 3 weeks but look how great they are!".

Firewire3675d ago

For those talking about web interface still be used, I pretty sure it isn't look at screens and how some of the functionality has changed. First thing that pops out is the use of the select button, the select button has always been tied to the PS3 interface system.

whoelse3675d ago

No updates for 2 weeks means a great BIG update for the launch. They have to have new content to launch a new store!

Ghoul3675d ago


your right it DOES look like a seperat prog running and not beeing webbased

gonzopia3675d ago

That looks really good actually - I'm impressed. I hope that they've accumulated some sweet content for the PSN store re-launch.

gaffyh3675d ago

Looks good, it is meant to be not web based although it looks a little like a website. It looks like when you choose something from the list, it'll zoom in and show the next menu (atleast it should do that).

xhi43675d ago


it has been confirmed that the new psn store is SOFTWARE BASED!!!!!!! YEAHH that news made my day! Itll be as smooth and sexy as the XMB for dayummm!

MJY2K3674d ago

Why does the US store have a different side bar to the EU store?

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Kaz Hirai3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Sony Soldiers- King Kaz has listened to your complaints about the Store and has decided to improve it! Now bow to your King!


M0KILLaU3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

He posts in open zone and always in good humor, so stop the hate. Even the green sour power grapes have to think some of his sh!t is funny.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 23675d ago

I'd rather read King Kaz's comments than those BORING xBot Lemmings comments ANYDAY!!!
Nice one Kaz;) It looks good! ;-P I knew you would make my Baby;)PS3 better and better!
Keep up the good work!;)

demolitionX3675d ago

ya i agree, 360 rabbid users took all our king's bubbles!!!

meepmoopmeep3675d ago


i gave you a bubble just for your avatar.. lol, funny azz pic man

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Vip3r3675d ago

I'm sure the two weeks of no updates won't bother us Europeans much seeing that we usually get sweet FA anyway.

The new store does looks better than the current one but it wouldn't surprise me if it becomes delayed. :/

tweaker3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I love Sony's new direction of style on the interface. Just like the XMB, so simple and classy. It has the luxury look and feel.

legendkilla3675d ago

it does look good! alot better than the old one!

SeanScythe3675d ago

I wonder what the surprize update is going to be? They said there will be a surprize update once it goes live, maybe Home Beta?

I just hope this store works better then it looks, from them pics it looks a little bland but that's just a sample of it I guess.

AznSniper3675d ago

If you remember from the rumored leaked PS Store schedule, there was a Resistance 2 trailer scheduled for April 15 so it might be one of those surprises.

Rob4Vendetta3675d ago

i dont think a trailer qualifies as a BIG rooting for a GTA IV demo...i know...i just saying it would be nice