Rainbow Six Vegas Boosting… sigh

Looks like Rainbow Six Vegas is going to be in need of a patch and soon since people are cheating their way to Elite status at an epic rate. Boosting is always unfortunatley a part of online gaming, but players have figured it out very quickly in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and are playing like 1 minute matches to gain 400 experience points.

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drunkpandas3705d ago

Yeah boosting is very annoying. At least it's not to the point that it was in Halo 2, where it literally made me stop playing the game.

JsonHenry3705d ago

Lol, I think this is so funny. Who cares if they "boost" their way to higher ranking? If you don't want to boost yourself, don't do it. Don't complain because someone else does not feel like spending forever unlocking stuff. They bought the game, they play the game, they get to decide if they want to make it to higher unlockables quicker. It does not make them any better at the game. It is their choice.

It is JUST a game people...

taz80803705d ago

Halo 3 is starting to develop some glithcing as well. At least the Rainbow boosting just affects those peole trying to cheat the system to make their level go up quick and not those others playing negatively.

Truplaya3705d ago

didnt a sportstar in the US admit to Halo3 boosting? What a tool

Truplaya3705d ago

made me laugh when i played last night an this guy who had elite was rubbish, actually the worst player in the room.

I couldnt care less though if people want to be sad bastards let them, won't effect me. People do it on every game. Even on COD4, i have a mate who will only play headquarters coz you get the most points and all he wants is to rank up to prestige10.

I play games to have fun so im not gonna sit for days on end boosting.

At least it doesnt affect anyone, unlike cheaters on PC games that can ruin a whole match.

BeaArthur3705d ago

Yeah I would never play a PC game. The cheating on a console is nothing compared to what PC gamers have to go through.

xhairs3705d ago

Awesomely stated, perfect, well done!

This is the reason why I stayed at 55 (5-stars)...there is no point to prestige and it ruins the fun of the game. Sure you can say, it's fun to start from the beginning again, but then you spend the rest of your (18 some odd days) of gameplay, leveling up again and crying when you get beat by 3 lonely 5 star guys in team-tactical.

Also, even if they are boosting, Elite is not that high up on the ranks, Hell I only have about 2 - 3 days gameplay on this game and i'm 3/4 up the rank list.

Another thing would be -> Elite get's you nothing. Ooooo wow, new camo!!! Omg i get to wear this new kind of armor that is no better than the last pair i was wearing. Go ahead and boost, you'll be the laughing stock since all you can kill is something standing still on a glitch over and over again ;)

Capt CHAOS3705d ago

The lazy approach by most developers is really start to annoy, with developers knowing that a hard-drive is needed, a patch can be applied for anything missed.

fenderputty3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

my rank or the person's rank that I'm playing. If someone wants to have a cool number or symbol by their name and cheat to get it, fine. I'll still shoot you in the face when I play you. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.