IW: 1.3 Million Play COD4 on 360 "Every Day" ; PS3 Numbers "Monstrously Huge"

Infinity Ward has revealed that its Xbox Live-topping shooter Call of Duty 4 is attracting "between 1.2 and 1.3 million users every day" just on Microsoft's service – with PS3 numbers "monstrously huge".

Speaking to in London last week during the unveiling of the new downloadable maps for the game, producer Mark Rubin revealed that Infinity Ward had been hitting these figures "consistently for the past two-to-three months, Monday through Sunday. It's crazy."

He added: "That's just 360. There's even more on the other platforms [PS3 and PC], but we just don't have the same numbering system. Overall, even without the other consoles, we are beating the competition. PS3 numbers are monstrously huge. No other game has come close, either online current, or total unique users in a day."

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decapitator3675d ago

..And they deserve every single moment of it. Great numbers.

sonarus3675d ago

lol i wonder how more ppl play cod4 online on ps3 than 360. The split between halo and cod4 can count for that but cod4 has like twice the number ps3 has on 360.

decapitator3675d ago

I am curious as well. I wanna know how much the game is far up ahead over Halo 3 and what exactly they mean by "Monstrously huge"..huge as in R1 numbers or higher ?

JsonHenry3675d ago

And with numbers like that you would think they would have had more content available by now..

BrotherNick3675d ago

I play it on pc, and I'd say the amount that play is just as much...remember that many people used illegal serials though.

TheIneffableBob3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Illegal serials only work on cracked servers, though, and I'd say around 97% of COD4's servers are official, non-cracked servers.

rawg3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

These guys created a great game that's given me a lot of enjoyment.

I play a few matches almost every day after I come home from work and put my daughter to bed. It's a great way to unwind for me and the bite-sized achievements make it fun to play even if I don't have much time. Actually, sabotage gets me pretty tense but then I'll play a few matches of hardcore deathmatch to take the edge off.

I'm working through my second prestige level now. I think I'll try to get through the next prestige level with just sniper rifles. Love this game.

Nolando3675d ago

to standing up to the behemoth that is halo, i personally dont like COD4 all that much (my opinion) i love halo 3 more, but credit has to be given.

i really think halo 3 is an excellent game, i think if the graphics were uber realistic like COD4 alot of people would like it more (graphic whores) i see alot of people liking COD4 over halo just based on graphics :S even though i prefer halos flare over COD4's uber realism.

anyway props to IW

kevoncox3675d ago

The ps3 numbers are less than the 360's

sonarus3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

actually in the article it says ps3 and pc numbers are even more than 360. So once again you make a fool of yourself in the name of fanboyism.

He added: "That's just 360. There's even MORE on the other platforms [PS3 and PC], but we just don't have the same numbering system

I interprete that as more. Highly doubtful and surprised personally

le killer3675d ago

probably means that it's getting alot of ps3 owners playing it! i very much doubt that it's more than the 360s numbers. still, cod4 is an excellent game, and after i've wrote this, i've got an hour on it before the missus gets home!

great job IW, it's beating halo because it's a better game! simple as that really....and some new maps this week aswell!

Utalkin2me3675d ago

Well first off COD4 has only sold over 4 mill on xbox360 still long ways to go to catch halo3 which is around 8 mill. But On multi platform i think COD4 is around 9 mill which include PC. IMO COD4 owns halo 3 i cant wait till thursday for the new maps.

toughNAME3675d ago

"That's just 360. There's even more on the other platforms [PS3 and PC], but we just don't have the same numbering system"

To me all that says is: there's a lot of people playing on 360, and when you add the other platforms that COD4 is on, the total numbers are even higher.

I would assume the 360 would have the most players, but considering it's other online shooters, the PS3 wouldn't be that far behind.

But what do I care? I enjoy AoT much more than COD4...I don't even like AoT

Raptors3675d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

I'm pretty sure it's being interpreted wrong. When you choose your game type (Ie Team Deathmatch) they normally show how many players are online. I own COD 4 for both 360 and ps3 (I have friends with either 360 or ps3 plus i got the ps3 version for $40 on sale which is a steal to me so thats why i have both. Run on sentence lol) I'll play with friends on the ps3 version and then hop onto the 360 version to play with otehr friends and the 360 numbers are ALWAYS higher. Not staggering, but they are always higher. So I find it very hard to believe that there are more ppl playing on pc and ps3 versus teh 360 version. Either way, the game is magnificent and is a solid investment for everyone. If anyone wants to play (either version) add me: kingkongjay

ichimaru3674d ago

sonorous, you do realize that the game sold almost tewice as mch on the 360 as it ddoes on the PS3, right? and the article most likely meant that there were more player online all together including other platforms. aand anyway if you do own both consoles as you suggested...(yea right) why are you so concerned about the sales figures, and what console it was played more on. why do these numbers matter to you? do you hold stocks in Sony, ? what, oh your only 12 and you have be be an adult to buy shares...hhmm

jadenkorri3674d ago

that was very lame ichimaru, how long did it take you to come up with that comeback...oh wait, a comeback would be if you had posted earlier and sonarus commented on that...i don't see anything before...

oh and BTW, the article says "with PS3 numbers "monstrously huge"." which means 1 of 2 things, its higher than 360...go ps3...or the numbers were higher than expected, maybe close to 360...but the truth is, we don't know...only numbers were given for 360...

Lastly...don;t forget how many people own arcades and core 360's...they make up a large number and i'm sure people bbought COD4 for just single player and no multi-player...

KineticX3674d ago

ichimaru, I bought a core 360 2 years ago, I've been playing Live that long too.

What was your point in saying that people own Core/Arcade units? They can still play online, just means that the Core owners need to buy a hard drive or memory card.

I find it a lot more likely that 360 has more CoD4 players online, based on number of games sold and number of registered users on the online services (PSN/Live)

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HarryEtTubMan3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Alot of people play Warhawk and Resistance still too. ALOT of poeple. COD4 is by the biggest though. probably close to 2 million every day.... GTA, Haze, Mgs4, LBP, Killzone 2 and then Resistance 2 are gonna make for some sersiouly amazing multiplayer games...and no I didn't forget Socom: Confrontation which will be HUGEEEE. I just can't wait for the achievements system and to see how all these games and all the old games work thourgh Playstation Home... IT'S GONNA BE CRAZY!!!!

"PS3 numbers are monstrously huge." Dude COD 4 pwned EVERYTHING.

LOL Look how many people bought Halo and look how many are playing.... defiantely not the 7 million that bought it LMAO. Bungie you FAILED. I even traded Halo 3 in for COD 4 on my POOPbox and it is a better game.


decapitator3675d ago

Agreed. And I also hear that R1 is till been advertised in EU which is a good thing meaning the game will definitely have long legs even after R2 launches.

ForTheFallen3675d ago

Did you really type "poopbox"?
I own a PS3 and I'm just embarrassed...

sonarus3675d ago

can't vouch for other games but warhawk took a big hit once cod4 came. It really took a lot of warhawk gamers. I don't really like cod4 online, i personally prefer halo because for some reason its more fun to me. However in terms of fun factor warhawk owns them all. Played my best game all month yesterday was fantastic. I only play CTF and once in a while zones but warhawk has the best CTF ever. With the new dropship adding new strategies, it really makes the game fantastic. Plus with 32 ppl all bringing their own personal flavor to the match, it adds a lot of variation

TurdStationPee3674d ago

lmao @ "poopbox", u 1 bubble b1tch. ;)

Teijo3674d ago

u bought an xbox? wtf

Play B3yond3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Lmao @ "TurdStationPee", you 5 bubble b1tch.;)

Laexerias3674d ago


what the hell is wrong in your mind xD

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LOFT3163675d ago

The PSN is Getting more people playing COD4 online daily than the 360

But then again how many people play Halo online daily ? Bet it dwarws the figure's combined for COD4 on the PSN and on LIVE

longduckdong3675d ago

theres more players on PSN and PC might refer to the impressive ammount of people playing the game period. Like all the LIVE players and then there's there's a ton of people playing it

Fatmanp3675d ago

Yea i think if the other million who played Halo 3 were involved it would be different. COD4 is probably the best mp game on PS3 whereas 360 has loads of good mp games.

rawg3675d ago

The way I read their statement, PSN is contributing to the number of people playing online but not necessarily beating the XBOX LIVE numbers.

The fact that they don't release the numbers for PSN would indicate that they're not higher than 1.2-1.3MM. That said, I would expect that more PS3 players have at least tried playing COD4 online because it's free but based in the install base there are almost certainly more people playing on the XBOX.

tweaker3675d ago

Who wouldn't believe this? CoD4 is actually the best shooter out there right now.

SKUD3675d ago

I have to agree as well.

TheIneffableBob3675d ago

I'd have to disagree.
Team Fortress 2 is the best shooter in my eyes.

Capt CHAOS3675d ago

TFC2 is even better than COD4.. But even TFC2 isn't the best.

TheIneffableBob3675d ago

It's simply TF2.
TFC2 would Team Fortress Classic 2, and as far as I'm concerned that's Fortress Forever.

Nolando3675d ago

i think halo 3 is the best out now, its just so much fun :) but hey just my opinion. :P

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HelghastGeneral3675d ago

all that hype and talk about halo 3 made me sick now everyone plays call of duty 4 and its numbers out due every shooter. its this game that everyone should be talking about and getting respect its great that a game that is better just can't be ignored.

always the games that are better never get enough respect and hype and talk of course though halo 3 is still going to be better no matter what in the fanboys world.