SCEE announces "mid-April" revamp for PS Store

VG247: SCEE has officially announced the April revamp for PS Store and said that no more content updates will be made to the Store until is relaunches.

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Exhaust3703d ago

Hopefully that means the new store is launching this thursday. I want my freaking Pain expansion!

Ghoul3703d ago

no that means that at least 1 thursdays will pass without an update

BUT with gta4 around the corner who knows whats coming for us ;)

Skerj3703d ago

Well it's at least two weeks away so yay. I can't wait to see what it is, isn't Echochrome supposed to be dropping this month too?

Ghoul3703d ago

echochrome wipeout and something gta4 related afaik

Skerj3703d ago

Sweet, many hours will be spent on Wipeout.

Doctor Strange3703d ago

I believe Echochrome is scheduled for May along with Afrika.

vloeistof3703d ago

better have resistance 2 trailer with it

SKUD3703d ago

BOO on the matter of no new content for launch. But YAY for the new PS store revamp!.

Fishy Fingers3703d ago

Resistance, Final Fantasy and (new)KillZone trailers will make up for the wait Sony :)

Ghoul3703d ago

trailers wont make up for anything ever :)

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The story is too old to be commented.